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When it comes to wielding creativity, I’m a true master! Premiere Pro, After Effects, you name it—I rule the Adobe suite like a boss. But wait, there’s more! I’ll sprinkle some Davinci Resolve magic for video colorization and create 2D animations and motion graphics.
I’m a proud graduate of UDLA in Multimedia and Audiovisual Production (Class of 2015), and I’ve even earned my diploma in Davinci Resolve color grading from the prestigious Institute Lightbox Academy in Madrid, Spain (Class of 2018). Oh, and did I mention my Diplomado and Máster in Digital Marketing? I’m a knowledge-hungry powerhouse!

Professional area


Mar/22 - Mar/23 Masters Digital Marketing @ Universidad de la Rioja
Mar/08 - Oct/14 Multimedia and Video Production @ UDLA
Mar/18 - Apr/18 Diploma DaVinci Resolve @ Lightbox Academy
Sept/03 - Jun/07 Diploma @ Brentwood High School


Nov/22 - Jul/23 Multimedia Designer @ Novel Agency

Perform production, editing and 2D animation for social networks.
Pre-production, production and post production
Video editing, 2d animations, sound editing in Adobe Suite.
Creation of campaigns for social media, brand image and activations, according to the
objectives and planning of the company.
Created and executed successful social media strategies.
Managed daily operations and content plants of social media channels.
Created monthly content within its reports on performance to improve story-telling
success and opportunities for media channels.
Supported organized asset collection and delivery
Led and executed coverage for special company events

Dic/21 - Nov/22 Content Multimedia Designer @ TUL

Video edition for campaigns for social media.
Post production of videos (interviews, products, events, etc.)
Design of social media pieces such as animation, static post, video edition and
Email marketing for internal and external reach.
Conceptualized and executed successful social media campaigns, which
resulted in brand awareness increase
Created with a disruptive approach social media pieces such as animation, static
posts, video production and editing
Designed and managed email marketing campaigns for internal and external

Jun/19 - Dic/21 Marketing Coordinator @ CAI RCB

Creation of campaigns for social media.
Keep updated the information bases of services and information required by the
company for the preparation of internal and external campaigns.
2D animation about services.
Email marketing
Conceptualized and executed successful social media campaigns, which resulted in
brand awareness and sales increase
Overseeing all digital engagement across social channels to ensure clients’ and potential
clients’ comments/DMs are responded to in a timely and professional manner (in
collaboration with KAMs)
Created informative company material through 2D animations
Submitted and controlled invoices and relevant expenses to ensure marketing budget
Designed and implemented outstanding email marketing campaigns

Ene/15 - Jun/19 Video Editor @ Telesur English

Pre-production, production and post-production of audiovisual content for
multimedia channels.
Development of animations, color correction, edition for videos in Adobe Suite.
Design and development of graphic lines.
Development of creative content.

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