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Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Successfully identifying and assessing potential risks within the organization, followed by developing and implementing effective mitigation strategies.
Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring the company adheres to all relevant laws and regulations, conducting compliance audits, and assisting in the development of compliant policies and procedures.
Data Analysis: Using data analysis tools and techniques to monitor and analyze key risk indicators, providing insights to improve decision-making.
Documentation and Reporting: Maintaining meticulous records of compliance activities and producing regular reports for management and regulatory authorities.
Training and Education: Conducting training sessions for employees to raise awareness about compliance requirements and best practices.
Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborating with various departments to implement compliance measures and address potential issues, showcasing your teamwork and communication skills.
Crisis Management: Handling unexpected compliance issues or breaches with composure and efficiency, mitigating potential damage to the organization.
Adaptation to Regulatory Changes: Quickly adapting to new regulations and modifying compliance strategies accordingly to keep the organization compliant.
Auditor Interaction: Successfully guiding external auditors during compliance audits and resolving any issues that arise.
Ethical Leadership: Promoting an ethical culture within the organization, encouraging responsible behavior among colleagues and superiors.
Continuous Improvement: Actively seeking opportunities to improve compliance processes and making valuable recommendations for enhancements.
Stakeholder Communication: Effectively communicating compliance updates and progress to senior management and other stakeholders, demonstrating your ability to convey complex information.


2013-2018 Bcom Risk Management @ Ba isago University


2018-2023 Risks and compliance Assistant @ DeBeers Group

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