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With over four years of experience as a Human Resources Associate, I have adeptly performed tasks such as data entry, payroll management, clerical duties, and fiscal support. At Ingram Micro, I hold the role of system administrator for the UKG Dimensions system. As a pivotal part of the HR Systems team, I actively contribute to the implementation of UKG Dimensions by conducting system testing, validating data, and performing data entry tasks. I take charge of managing data integrations to and from UKG, collaborating with external vendors for systems like HCM, scheduling, and analytics platforms. My responsibilities include troubleshooting errors and ensuring the seamless flow of data. I work closely with internal and vendor resources to adapt UKG configurations and interfaces, aligning them with business decisions such as policy changes, vendor transitions, and mergers & acquisitions. I am also committed to enhancing existing data entry and integrity processes within internal teams. Moreover, I provide end-user support and training on the UKG Dimensions system, maintaining my expertise by staying updated with training, reviewing system updates, and staying abreast of developments in UKG and data analytics trends. My role extends to maintaining user guides and training materials, enabling efficient system usage. Additionally, I maintain user guides and training materials and actively engage in special projects as assigned. Currently, I am preparing for the SHRM Certification, scheduled for examination in March of 2024.

Professional area


06/2022 to present Bachelor Degree @ University of Phoenix

Bachelor of Science Degree Business Administration

11/2020 to 06/2021 Human Resources Management @ University of California, Riverside

Certification in Human Resources Management

10/2020 to 04/2021 Foundations of Human Resources @ University of California, Riverside

Certification in Foundations of Human Resources


07/2021 to present Human Resources Associate II @ Ingram Micro

– Facilitating comprehensive training sessions for leadership personnel, imparting adept utilization and proficient management techniques within the Kronos Workforce Dimension platform.
– Formulating requisitions for timely fulfillment by collaborating with temporary employment agencies.
– Orchestrating comprehensive orientation sessions catering to both new associates and conversions.
– Functioning as the primary authority on all facets of the Kronos system, thereby fostering enhancements in business processes, elevating workforce efficiency, and refining day-to-day operations.
– Contributing to the establishment of robust diversity, equality, and inclusion initiative.
– Executing meticulous I-9 compliance audits to ensure adherence to regulatory standards.
– Overseeing the meticulous completion of employee exit documentation.
– Exercising oversight over the meticulous organization and maintenance of personnel and medical records.
– Steering the attendance discipline and point removal process in alignment with established guidelines.
– Providing invaluable support to foster associate engagement undertakings.
– Spearheading the management of Covid-related quarantine procedures, reporting protocols, and outbreak management strategies.
– Cultivating collaborative partnerships and fostering robust relationships with leaders and pivotal decision-makers across pertinent functions and divisions, thereby optimizing organizational achievements through strategic HR endeavors.
– Embracing a comprehensive approach to dissect HR challenges, effectuate solutions, and mediate potential employee and labor relations concerns.
– Delivering personalized coaching and prudent counsel to business leaders, managers, and personnel.
– Demonstrating a comprehensive grasp of various aspects of human resource programs and policies, encompassing recruitment, learning and development, performance management, compensation, benefits, HRIS utilization, equal opportunity, diversity, and data analysis.
– Ensuring the seamless efficiency and meticulous accuracy of all HR processes and transactions.

07/2019 to 07/2021 Engineering Aide @ Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District

– Proficiently input timesheet data for a workforce of sixty-four employees into the Cartegraph system.
– Maintain meticulous records of chemical consumption, effectively managing inventory levels.
– Ensure accurate and timely submission of vehicle hours and mileage data for streamlined processing.
– Exercise precision in generating, monitoring, and overseeing purchase orders.
– Utilize Microsoft Excel to develop comprehensive spreadsheets and reports, meticulously tracking the gas consumption of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles.
– Methodically review, assess, and refine salary expenditure projections to ensure a high degree of accuracy.
– Execute various routine payroll transactions with precision and diligence as necessitated.
– Fulfill vital clerical responsibilities and undertake scheduling duties, contributing to smooth operations.
– Periodically contribute relevant safety topics for constructive discussion.

11/2018 to 06/2019 Payroll Assistant @ UCPath

– Undertook a diverse range of accounting responsibilities encompassing the meticulous preparation, processing, and ongoing management of payroll, as well as salary and benefits calculations.
– Diligently gathered, evaluated, updated, and harmonized payroll data on a regular basis, ensuring its accuracy and reliability.
– Conducted thorough scrutiny of timesheets, followed by precise computation, and recording of salary adjustments as warranted.
– Conducted exhaustive research and computation efforts to generate accurate payments for multiple vendors.
– Engaged in a methodical review and analysis of salary expenditure projections to attain an optimal level of precision.
– Executed additional routine payroll transactions as deemed necessary to maintain seamless operations.
– Upheld impeccable records maintenance while vigilantly monitoring salary and benefit-related information for the entire employee cohort.
– Oversaw record-keeping procedures to assure the accuracy of the data in question.
– Furnished auditors and relevant local, state, or federal agencies with pertinent data, while adeptly managing requests for salary verification.
– Spearheaded in-depth investigations into payroll and benefits record-keeping matters such as sick leave and vacation balances, promptly taking appropriate actions as required.
– Ensured compliance with federal and state legislative mandates, meticulously maintaining mandated documents, including salary schedules.

04/2017 to 11/2018 Office Assistant III @ Riverside County Auditor Controller Office

– Compiled, meticulously monitored, and conducted in-depth data research to facilitate the meticulous preparation of a range of legal documents and comprehensive reports, such as subpoenas, income withholding orders, and public information requests.
– Provided invaluable assistance in the aggregation and organization of statistical data, ensuring accuracy, for the division accountants.
– Collaborated in the acquisition and processing of pertinent data required for precise calculations pertaining to Workers Compensation, CalPERS adjustments, and the resolution of reconciling items as necessitated.
– Undertook fundamental accounting responsibilities under close supervision, on an ad hoc basis, to support the operational flow.
– Conducted thorough investigation into payroll-associated data, proactively offering explanations regarding payroll regulations, policies, and procedures to employees.
– Assisted employees with essential onboarding documentation such as W-4/DE4 forms, offering guidance on withholding allowances, and meticulously reviewing the completeness and accuracy of submitted information.
– Routinely provided vital assistance to the payroll operations team in resolving intricate and uncommon payroll-related challenges.
– Engaged with the PeopleSoft Human Capital Management module daily to ensure the smooth functioning of payroll processes.
– Compiled, verified, and submitted Employee Earnings Reports for colleagues’ review.
– Meticulously reviewed and finalized confidential letters and reports containing personal identifiable information (PII), ensuring compliance with security protocols.
– Undertook custodial duties for the secure handling of checks, subpoenas, overpayments, and refund of state withheld taxes.
– Assumed responsibility for verifying authorized signatures on Warrant Adjustment Notices, meticulously logging them into the Warrant Tracking System.
– Efficiently accepted Subpoena and Discovery of Records requests, meticulously collating employee information as per the stipulations outlined in the Code of Civil Procedure and communicated with legal firms to facilitate the retrieval or mailing of required employee documents.
– Submitted requested Wage Statements via Outlook email, demonstrating proficient communication skills.
– Managed a multi-line telephone system adeptly.
– Operated standard office equipment including fax machines, printers, photocopiers, computers, date and time stamps, electric staplers, and handled mail sorting, sending, and receiving.
– Leveraged Excel to accurately track and tabulate various forms received, ranging from Adjustment Notices, Bilingual Pay, Direct Deposits, W-4/DE-4, Franchise Tax Board documents, Sheriff Writs, Employee Benefit Enrollments, Lost Warrants, to Online Warrants.
– Administered the distribution of W2s and Warrants through mailing or personal notification to employees.
– Utilized Microsoft Access to maintain meticulous logs of Online Warrants.
– Harnessed information processing tools like PeopleSoft and the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to access and retrieve diverse employee data including paychecks, tax forms, contact details, job particulars, password resets, warrant validation, and direct deposit statuses.

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