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I would characterize myself as a fine communicator and an ambitious person willing to take risks. I do set goals for myself, so I have something to strive towards. I am not comfortable with settling, and I am always looking for an opportunity. I noticed that most business issues take root from poor communication, so I feel a responsibility to keep everyone on the same page. This skill in particular helped our project a lot at my previous job, where I played the role of a middleman between my scrum master and our manager as they did not get along well.

Professional area


2011-2013 Master's degree @ Babes-Bolyai University
2008-2011 Bachelor's degree @ Babes-Bolyai University


01/2021 - 01/2023 Test Automation Engineer @ Europol

I joined the project at a time when we were hiring new people, the test and development strategies were not yet clearly defined. I had to blend in fast with the existing team and contribute to daily tasks.
We had a working test strategy in a few weeks, and I have even coached some new team members.
One year passed by and I had to step in and take the lead of the testing team as my manager was allocated to another project within the company. I did it successfully and provided onboarding support to new colleagues joining our team.
A few months ago the web platform we were working on

Technologies used:
Test Cases; Automation; SpecFlow; API (interfaces); Webdriver; Selenium; Defect Tracking; Test Management; C#; MySQL; UI Tester; GIT; API REST; Postman API; Load Test, performance and Stress with Jmeter; CICD; Groovy;

01/2019 - 12/2021 Test Automation Engineer @ Data Global

At Data Global I was tasked with the development of a test automation framework from scratch. I had to elaborate test strategy and enforce coding standards and best practices.
We had implemented continuous integration and continuous deployment strategy.
As a result product quality increased by a significant margin.

Technologies used:
Test Cases; Automation; API (interfaces); Webdriver; Selenium; Defect Tracking; Test Management; C#; SoapUI; MySQL; UI Tester; GIT; Tortoise SVN; API REST; Postman API; OWASP; CICD; Groovy;

01/2015 - 12/2019 Test Automation Engineer @ Cognizant

During this time I have significantly scaled up my career and technical knowledge.
I joined the automation team and started automating tests in JavaScript. Later on, I was assigned to develop a new automation project with c#. I was also responsible for the demo presentations of our product to the customer at the end of the sprints.
My soft skills also improved greatly, and I matured as an accomplished employee.

General description:
Testing is all about ensuring software is delivered with the highest possible quality. Software is of the highest quality when it’s great in terms of User Friendliness, Bug-Free, Performance, and Security.
As a QA engineer, I was responsible for ensuring all of the above factors were satisfied in the software I was working on.
My responsibility is to compare expected requirements from software with actual behavior post-development and testing phases.

Technologies used:
Test Cases; Automation; API (interfaces); TestComplete; Webdriver; Selenium; Defect Tracking; Test Management; C#; SoapUI; MySQL; UI Tester; Tortoise SVN; JavaScript; CICD;

01/2013 - 12/2015 QA Engineer @ OSF Global Services

When I accepted to move to this company my previous work experience was all about testing mobile applications. At this new job, I had to learn quickly how to test eCommerce websites for major American and Canadian fashion brands. The product development pace has also greatly increased. We had many calls and discussions between different teams and stakeholders. I liked this a lot and did my job properly. Soon after, I was managing a team of several testers and made my first contact with automation tools.
It was a great time.

General description:
My job here was to establish the systematic activities meant to ensure that an eCommerce website meets the specified requirements and expectations. It involves the development of processes, procedures, and standards that are designed to prevent defects and ensure high-quality outcomes. My goal was to minimize the risk of errors and to consistently deliver reliable and satisfactory results for our customers.

Technologies used:
Test Cases; Defect Tracking; Test Management; UI Tester; Fiddler;

01/2009 - 12/2013 Tester @ Nokia mobile store

It was my first job in the IT industry. I joined the testing team while still a student at university. It was difficult at times to be a student and a full-time employee but I learned a lot and this job secured my future aspirations for computers in general.
I learned how to be organized, be friendly with other people, do my job properly, and at times stand up from the crowd with some new ideas.

General description:
My main mission was to make sure that the mobile applications submitted by independent developers complied with a predefined set of rules and guidelines before they reached the Nokia mobile web store.

Technologies used:
Test Cases; Defect Tracking; UI Tester; Localization Testing; Mobile app; a device similar to Hopi HP-9800 power meter (we had to measure power consumption while using an application); Symbian devices

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