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Hello I appreciate you taking the time to read my resume
I am writing to express my strong interest in joining your team,
as a versatile and results-oriented professional. With a diverse background in various
roles, I am confident in my ability to contribute to your team’s success.
Throughout my career, I have demonstrated the ability to drive growth, optimize
operations, and provide exceptional customer experiences. My experience includes
leadership, customer service, and digital marketing. I have a proven track record of
delivering results, fostering transparency, and maintaining strong customer
My passion for excellence, commitment to teamwork, and strong work ethic make
me an ideal candidate for your organization.
I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how my background aligns with your
company’s goals and objectives. Thank you for considering my application. I look
forward to the possibility of working together to achieve mutual success.


2017 GED/high school diploma @ third academy & homelearning connections


2023 May 26th - Aug 28th Social Media Manager & More @

My responsibilities included content creation, filming, and curating engaging posts.
Led content creation initiatives
Managed video production
Curated engaging social media posts
In addition to managing the company’s online presence, I also assisted with customer inquiries and
engagement, ensuring a well-rounded support system.
Recognized budget constraints and offered discounted services for non-social media tasks, including
desk preparation, painting, and finishing, saving the company $5000 on outsourcing expenses.
Collaborated with the owner to develop and launch targeted advertising campaigns, resulting in a 20%
increase in website traffic and a 10% boost in sales.
Implemented customer engagement initiatives, leading to a 30% reduction in response time and an
overall increase of customer satisfaction by 15%.
Building the company’s online presence, Engaging with customers on social media platforms such as
Facebook and Twitter, resulting in a 20% increase in overall customer engagement.
Short contract to build social media presence.
created all content on their Instagram from May 26th – Aug 26th

jun 2021 / dec 2022 Keyholder/Supervisor @ Budbar

As a supervisor/keyholder, my role encompassed diverse tasks that contributed to team success.
Conducting daily audits ensured quality standards were met consistently.
Experienced Training Instructor: Skillfully taught and guided new hires, driving performance
Clear communication was a priority, Drafting nightly emails provided performance updates and
addressed concerns promptly, fostering transparency.
Inventory management was another key responsibility. Maintaining accurate Google spreadsheets for
tracking inventory enabled well-informed decisions.
Proactive monitoring of stock levels led to timely updates for reorder decisions, preventing operational
My multifaceted role was centered on teamwork, communication, and efficient organization.

jan, 2019 / dec, 2021 Gymnastics Coach @ University Of Calgary

Provided personalized coaching, focusing on technique, safety, and skill progression specific to
trampoline gymnastics.
Led training sessions, incorporating various trampoline exercises, drills, and routines to enhance athletes’
aerial skills and body control.
Created lesson plans tailored to trampoline skill development, ensuring a safe and progressive training
Collaborated with the other Trampoline Trained coaches to coordinate trampoline-specific practice
schedules and competitions.
Conducted regular assessments and provided detailed feedback on athletes’ trampoline skills, form, and
Ensured adherence to trampoline safety protocols, including proper equipment setup, spotting
techniques, and mat maintenance.
Actively pursued professional development opportunities in trampoline coaching techniques and safety
Assumed responsibility as the designated safety inspector for the gym, ensuring a secure and hazard-free
environment.Completed rigorous safety training, acquiring expertise in identifying and addressing
potential obstructions and hazards throughout the facility

sep 2018 - mar 2020 store manager/ keyholder @ Bong's & such

Collaborated with business Owner on promotions, recruitment, and product runs/stocking.
Managed store operations, including opening/closing, checking on multiple Locations, and ensuring
Set up servers and built booths for an inviting store environment.
Conducted yearly store audits and implemented corrective measures.
Optimized inventory levels and made data-driven product ordering decisions.
Conducted testing and trial runs for new products, gathering customer feedback for improvements.

feb 2017 - oct 2020 Detailer, car sales, co-owner @ Owner/opperator Way2go

cleaning and detailing cars repairing and maintenance on in-house vehicles.
Company Owner Responsibilities for Detailing and Car Sales Business:
Business Strategy and Planning: Developed and executed business strategies to achieve objectives.
Legal and Compliance: Ensured full compliance with regulations.
Marketing and Advertising: Created and curated advertising content, implemented marketing plans.
Sales and Customer Relations: Conducted sales, provided exceptional customer service.
Inventory Management: Sourced and maintained vehicle inventory.
Quality Control: Implemented quality control processes for detailing and vehicle sales.
Website Optimization: Ensured the smooth and efficient functioning of the company website, integrating
technology systems and industry-specific tools for enhanced online operations.
Community and Industry Involvement: Networked with local communities and industry organizations.
Expansion and Growth Strategies: Explored business expansion opportunities.
Customer Feedback and Improvement: Gathered and acted on customer feedback for service

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