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Hello, I’m Abdullah Çatal. I’m 25 years old and a graduate in the field of hydrological engineering. Here’s a bit more about my career and experiences:

Education: In 2012, I began my journey in the world of web design during my high school years. However, due to the closure of prep schools in my final year of high school, I transitioned to a basic high school. Here, I continued to explore the field of software development.

University Years: During my university education, I had the opportunity to work on various projects for different companies. These projects mainly involved website development and application creation. During this period, I learned several programming languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Java, Python, and .NET.

Career as a Software Developer: Following my university years, I joined Ideal Data Finan Technologies Inc. as a software developer. Here, I worked on web-based software projects, contributing to various projects using different programming languages.

Managerial Experience: It was during this time that I had the chance to work closely with a different manager. Subsequently, I received an offer to join TalkInvest, a start-up company. Initially, I primarily focused on front-end development, but we later determined that shifting my focus to graphic design would be more beneficial for the company. I continued in the role of Graphic Design Director.

Additional Projects and Departure: During my time at TalkInvest, I actively participated in additional projects. However, after two years, due to the company’s inability to meet its performance targets, it was decided by the major partner, Hedef Holding, to cease operations, leading to my departure.

Confidence in My Abilities: While I may not claim to be perfect in the field of software development, I have confidence in my abilities. As someone who has seen and experienced a lot, I am eager to contribute to your project. I am well-versed in languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Java, Python, and .NET.

I eagerly look forward to the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to a project with my experiences and skills. I hope that your organization will recognize the value I can bring to your project. Thank you.


2016-2022 Aquatic Science Engineering @ İstanbul Universty


2022 software developer @ ideal data
2022-2023 Creative Director @ talkinvest

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