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Innovative and forward-thinking professional with a passion for leveraging technology to drive business excellence. Adept at breaking down complex technical concepts and transforming them into actionable insights with meticulous attention to detail. An expert in remote culture immersion, I
bridge geographical gaps and foster team cohesion while making work enjoyable. A natural communicator with a flair for generating highly functional and beneficial reporting and dashboards. My unique blend of technical acumen, interpersonal finesse, and unwavering commitment to progress empowers teams to thrive in dynamic, remote environments. I bring a refreshing, inclusive
spirit to the workplace, ensuring that collaboration and creativity remain at the heart of every project.

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Aug 2011 - May 2016 Bachelors of Science Finance @ North Central College

Minor Computer Science

Aug 2011 - May 2016 Bachelors of Science Economics @ North Central College

Minor Mathematics


Jan 2022 - Present IT Project Manager @ Computerhare

Manages the project plan, implementation, project governance, and delivery of assigned programs and related software development including time, budget, and quality requirements in financial technology sector. Track, monitor, and drive the realization of benefits of project delivery using appropriate metrics and measures. Data Infrastructure & Analytics value stream dedicated Project Manager. Current interim Project Management Office (PMO) Lead/ Program Manager. Assigned as project leadership for US company rebrand through the merger.
Compliance & Regulatory
• Led and managed the regulatory initiative to address the highest risk compliance items in our demand management backlog, for our financial services business sector, preparing for the latest CFPB audit. Collaborated closely with compliance leaders, operations team heads, and the portfolio team to assess over 100 flagged demand management requests.
o Established a customized prioritization approach aligning with the audit’s specific requirements. This approach was later leveraged at the portfolio level for all compliance intake in the Agile Release Train (ART).
o Scoped all 25 priority epics and features to capture all business requirements within a strict two-week timeframe, enabling the product and development teams to commence work within the audit’s timeline.
o Established a dashboard to enhance transparency among technology, operations, and compliance teams. Shared critical reporting biweekly via verbal communication and provided full visibility into the delivery of high-profile items within the time-sensitive audit deadline.
Outcome: Tech teams delivered data maintenance and API updates in order of highest risk level before the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) audit deadline.

Analytics, Reporting, Automation
• Designed, implemented, and currently maintain an automated biweekly stakeholder communications system for the Data Infrastructure & Analytics Value Stream aligning metrics to the systems development lifecycle. Leveraged Power BI to extract real-time data from cloud technologies Azure DevOps (ADO) and live Objectives spreadsheet on Teams, eliminating the need for manual data collection and email generation. Employed Power BI’s subscription feature to send scheduled emails to stakeholders without manual intervention.
o Improved release management and IT governance by developing queues for features in UAT and releasing state, which reduced UAT timelines with business and improved efficiency of maintenance tasks and visibility of work items released within the last 90 days.
Global Meditation Leadership: Serves as a global meditation leader, guiding approximately 300 participants monthly through remote meditation sessions. Contributed to fostering a culture of mental health mindfulness.
Mentorship and Data Analytics Upskilling: Mentoring two team members in the PMO, focusing on upskilling data analytics skills, including ADO queries, Excel, data feeds, Power BI, and general data analysis.
Fika Session: Implemented biweekly Fika “coffee” sessions with team members to foster cultural connections in hybrid working environments for remote-based employees.

Sept 2021 - Jan 2022 Operations Manager @ Crown Castle International

Head of operations for district-wide microtrenching legislation reform initiative for the City of Chicago, including weekly meetings providing progress updates to upper management and stakeholders (includes data collection, analysis, and insights). Manages multiple cross-functional teams (XFN), ensuring milestone completion within
targeted timeframes.
Lead operations representative for FlexNAP, a company-wide pilot program focusing on cost savings. Provides weekly project health insights to upper management and stakeholders.
• Adopted Scrum methodologies to improve team performance in the iterative environment that is required for the legislative reform process in the city of Chicago.
• Performed SQL queries to connect PowerBI directly to Crown Castle proprietary database, improving business decisions by providing real-time data.

Apr 2019 - Jan 2022 Project Manager @ Crown Castle International

Manages regional project reporting for Design & Construction teams, including forecast vs commitments and project health. Organizes, analyzes, and presents data monthly for Central Region Operation Meeting.
Manages data integrity, forecasting, and reporting for all design and construction metrics in the TMO3 (consisting of 2,333 nodes with $285M budget).
2020 Accomplishment: 95% accuracy when forecasting target vs actual for fiber construction.
• Implemented weekly Quality Control (QC) Reports of SmartSheets platform, improving data integrity for the Chicago district in fiber optics reporting by reducing the average number of weekly
errors from 100 to 34 within a 6-month period.
• Spearheaded the region in adopting new tracking procedures to align metrics with national standards, creating more consistent and reliable data for operational analytics.
o Directly contributed to this initiative in the Chicago market by adjusting the district’s database formulas and data flow ensuring optimal operator usability. In addition, created, implemented, and trained teams within the area on the new SOPs.
• Oversees the Chicago District’s Diversity Expansion Program and project budgets, which seeks to foster long-term sustained inclusion of diverse supplies by increasing tier 1 & 2 diverse spend above
the company’s national standard, expanding diverse supplier pool, and structuring reporting cycle time for tier 1 and tier 2 spend.
o Designed and implemented 2021 tier 1 diverse spending goals- currently on trajectory to increase tier 1 diverse spend by 4% for the area. This created alignment to business strategy and goals.
o Secured contractual agreement from top Chicago vendor to increase Tier 2 diverse spending percentage by 5%.

Sept 2017 - Apr 2019 Project Coordinator @ Crown Castle International

Provided administrative and operational support of full scope for all fiber projects occurring in the Chicago district, including T-Mobile Phase 3 (2,333 nodes with $285M budget).
Managed permit prioritization process, allowing more sites to receive all required permits which aids in maximizing quarterly/yearly construction output.
• Improved Purchase Order and Change Order tracking by implementing SOPs for the Chicago district, allowing for site-level financial forecasting previously impossible within the company’s proprietary financial system.
• Tracked and managed fiber permits using GIS software, improving data integrity and quality, and ensuring reporting data reflected engineering designs.
• Set and maintained construction forecast process and reporting on behalf of Construction Managers, replacing previously unreliable reporting and datasets.

Sept 2016 - Sept 2017 Accounts Payable Analyst @ Groupon Goods

• Improved internal communications by reducing response time in issue resolution of European vendors’ payment status.
• Reduced labor costs through taking on additional accounts and departmental work outside the scope of the position.
• Enhanced efficiency by increasing volume of invoices for VAT analysis while maintaining the same level of accuracy throughout analysis.

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