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About me

I am currently following the Full Stack Developer course where I am successfully progressing and have now reached the end of the Front-end module after the React chapter. I have also completed 40% of the Back end module so far where Python plays a major role. I would like to use my skills so that you do not have to worry about whether everything is working properly and whether everything has been updated. I am a driven person who has the ambition to make programming part of my life and has always been curious about what happens behind the scenes. I am a person who knows how to find my way both as an individual and as a team and accepts every problem as a challenge and strives to solve it at all costs and not let go until I have seen the finish flag. In the meantime, every weekend (for a year now) I attend a workshop where a group of senior developers and junior developers come together and exchange acquaintances with us and now we, the juniors, were also allowed to sign our signature on creating a native app for a digital library of foundation here in the Netherlands (non-profit). Of course, this all happens on a scrum basis.

Professional area


1994/1998 High Education @ Hogere Economische College
2022 to present Full Stack Developer @ Winc Academy


2011 / 2013 Servicedesk IT-ingenieur @ HCL Technology (Offshore company India) (Permanent Employment)

As an HCL employee I was on location at the customer (Wegenermedia) in the service desk department.
My work mainly consists of the following composite tasks:
Being the first point of attention for incoming incidents/problems and these failures in the ticketing system Remedy in both Dutch and English for colleagues in India (2nd line resolution groups). The goal is of course to first resolve them yourself and where I or my colleagues are unable to do so or do not have permission to handle this or if it will take longer than 10 minutes, inform the users and tell them to create a ticket and forward it to the resolution group (2nd line). ). The work that we as a service desk did have in support that we were able to handle directly and without any help from the solution group are listed below:
Create users in Windows server Active Directory, disable them, unlock account, reset password, create email addresses in Exchange 2007, create distribution groups, adjust membership, email forwarding, set account settings correctly. Offsite help users with their installations, move the software that is causing problems in its installation.

Help new users log into the network and set up their email account.
Provide eligible users with RSA tokens, reset their passwords and explain how to use them.
Completely refresh profiles as well as Outlook, create pst files and link them to Outlook.
Remedy (Ticketing Tool), RSA Console, Desktop Director (Citrix), Google apps, Topdesk, NetIQ (Getronics tool for Active Directory), SCCM remote tool, Carbon Copy remote tool.

2010 / 2011 IT Service Desk Engineer @ Irdeto B.V

Within Irdeto I worked in the service desk department, which is pretty much the central point of the entire company. The company has around 20 offices all over the world, of which China is the head office of Asia and Hoofddorp is the head office of the West.
My work mainly consisted of the following tasks:
The Topdesk keeps track of both the group and its own tickets from start to finish.
Irdeto users help with their laptop systems that cause problems.
Create users in Windows server Active Directory, set them to disable, unlock account, reset password, create email addresses in the exchange 2007, create distribution groups, adjust membership, email forwarding, set account settings correctly.
Manage workplaces, help users offsite or onsite with their installations, and possibly reinstall software that is causing problems.
Laptops that cause extremely high problems, such as crashing, try to restore the laptop first, but this does not work, then decrypt the safeboot on it and then make a backup of data and then re-image the laptop (reinstall Windows on it).
Solve BlackBerry problems for users, such as devices that no longer want to synchronize with the server, renew the software of the devices to make them work a little easier, make a backup of the devices, create new users in the BlackBerry server console and manage them (adjust policies), hereafter activate the device yourself for the use of enterprise email, install PGP on the devices and register them on the PGP server.

Help new users log in to the network and set up their email and pgp account.
Create new users in the safeboot server.
Perform hardware installations such as replacing parts that are broken on the outside, replacing memory modules, replacing hard disk, replacing keyboards and, if necessary, cleaning.
Provide eligible users with RSA tokens, reset their passwords and explain how to use them.
Solve Nac agent problems (Nac agent checks whether you are authorized to access the domain network) and, if necessary, register them in the register where necessary.
Completely renew profiles as well as Outlook, create pst files and link them to Outlook.
Delivery of peripheral equipment such as laptop stand, mouse, keyboard.

Topdesk, s, TMS Monitoring Conference Control Center, MS Office Communicator

april 2010 / october 2010 Technical Support Employee @ Mcom B.V (Project: Extra help)

Monitoring the public transport chip card environment, such as the charging devices, in/out check points, and the servers in this environment (nationally).
We also try to resolve incidents that come in and move on to the next level what cannot be resolved by us. Remotely manage phone calls that come in regarding charging devices that are not functioning properly and, if necessary, send technicians. All this work is of course done on a server basis.
Providing passwords to technicians who want to get a bus running. We support all systems of Mcom customers
(connexxion, HTM (The Hague Tram Company), RET
(Rotterdam Electronic Tram)) All this must be logged in the Topdesk registration system.
Top desk

april 2009 / october 2010 Skilled Servicedesk @ Kender Thijssen (Away due to Reorganization)

Managing the servers that are located at both the customer and Kender Thijssen, which are intended for the customer and for the company itself, either on a remote basis or in the company itself, Resolving incidents reported by the customer’s users and carrying out work such as: Granting rights, creating an account for users, running a laptop/desktop image, providing onsite support where necessary, deploying applications, monitoring the servers, performing workplace management both within and at customers, VPN issue, office issue, Windows XP issue and exchange issue resolution, manage user profiles and run standby services.

september 2008 / march 2009 ICT ServiceDesk ING @ Getronics PinkRoccade (Project: Disease Replacement)

ING employees call the ICT Service Desk for the following incidents: When the servers fail, when the products do not function, when the employees have a product that needs to be imaged, Outlook problems such as that users cannot send email and /or receive, Full Profile Reset, Windows usage problems, Password reset, etc. We must initially log all of this in the system (ISD) and solve the problems that we can solve. If not, then forward them to the internal or external departments.

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