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I am a Software Engineer that leads a team of 6 engineers working on a .Net Microservice that has a React UI. I am constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to grow as a developer and as a leader. I enjoy solving and discussing complex problems, simplifying the user experience, and enhancing performance.

Professional area


September 2016 - March 2020 BS in Computer Science @ Central Washington University

GPA: 3.854


September 2021 - Current Software Engineer @ Conga

1. Revived a previously discontinued .Net Core REST API
a. Creating new features and performance enhancements
b. Migrate a SQL database to a NoSQL database
c. Moved from Azure to platform services build on AWS
d. Implemented Event based architecture using AWS SNS, SQS, EventBridge and other AWS services
e. Set up Terraform, Docker, and Localstack for local development
f. Developed Integration tests, Unit tests, Postman collections, and python scripts that dramatically
decreased developer testing times
g. Deployed using Jenkins and Spinnaker
h. Contributed to a new React UI built for this microservice

2. Replaced a SaaS product our company was leveraging with 7 Microservices using an in-house .Net Core template using AWS resources in the cloud and locally
a. Web and Event based architecture
b. Set up Terraform, Docker, and Localstack for local development
c. Deployed using Kubernetes, Spinnaker, and GitHub Actions
d. Designed and developed a UI using React for internal integration testing

3. Lead a team of 6 engineers working on a .Net Core API and React UI
a. Run scrum ceremonies
b. Use Agile methodology and Jira to plan, refine and track work during a 2-week sprint cycle
c. Communicate with product, performance teams, and internal teams consuming our API and UI
d. Train and support new team members on local development environment, tools and processes
involving running code locally, Artifactory connections and Localstack configuration
e. Help teammates with technical questions, code reviews and technical decision making
f. Participate in knowledge sharing of complex and technical logic

4. Work closely with product and architects to help create and refine technical and non technical stories to create a development roadmap, including participating in design and architectural planning

5. Collaborate across teams to integrate and troubleshoot APIs and UIs

April 2020 - September 2021 Associate Engineer @ Conga

1. Develop, maintain, and deploy a user management web application in a microservice architecture
a. Used .Net, C#, and AWS for the backend REST API and data storage
b. Used React, CSS, and GraphQL for the UI

2. Built and maintained Github Actions to help improve CI/CD processes for 11 microservices

June 2019 - September 2019 Software Engineer Intern @ DocuSign

1. Tasked with a project to create a GitHub website for Internal API Documentation
a. Created the website using GitHub pages, Jekyll, HTML, JavaScript, and Liquid
b. Created a tool to transform the API documentation data structure into the website using C#

2. Worked with Software Engineers from different API teams to complete the project

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