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Coder is looking for a full-time webmaster to architect, develop, administer, and optimize our websites, landing pages, and all other front end projects.  This person will need to standardize our technology and define processes to enable us to quickly scale – to attract an audience, engage with that audience, and build our customer base.  The role requires that someone collaborate effectively, while also working independently to get things done.  This position is important to us, as our website is important to us – you’ll be a core part of our continued growth.  

Why this position is open:

We view our website as the primary channel for 1) Coder to interact with our end-user community of developers and enterprise customers, and 2) for those customers and end-users to communicate with us – so it has to scale, it has to be engaging, and it has to flow.

The site is a primary representation of our brand, so it must convey innovation and creativity, while also projecting a sense of trust, stability and long-term partnership.

The website is our primary storefront, so it must be structured to easily attract visitors, learn who they are, and quickly enable them to understand and obtain our solutions.

And we’re growing very quickly, so we’ll probably want to do everything at once!

But, even though we work hard, we all love what we do.  Coder is a great working environment, with a very bright/driven/collaborative team that is building solutions that are already benefiting a lot of people by advancing how software is developed.


  • We are a startup so your responsibilities will be both broad and deep—and we’re moving very quickly so you’ll need to prioritize effectively and establish lightweight processes to ensure you’re making the best use of your time and resources to propel Coder forward.
  • Specifically, responsibilities include web development, page creation, website optimization, demand gen conversions, audience identification and segmentation, and SEO implementation. 

Specific Activities:

  • Work with marketing and design teams to develop and implement new pages for our website
  • Monitor and analyze site performance (e.g SEO, traffic, conversions)
  • Test and optimize our website for customer acquisition and lead generation
  • Design A/B tests (Google Optimize), Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics
  • Develop Hubspot landing pages and CTAs for assorted campaigns
  • Ensure that the website conforms with WCAG guidelines for accessibility

Required Skills:

  • Javascript, React, CSS, HTML
  • Familiarity with git workflows, CI/CD, deployment process
  • In-depth knowledge of SEO factors and technique
  • Proven understanding of audience segmentation and A/B testing, including how and when to implement it
  • Experience with using Google Analytics for reporting and to inform decisions about website architecture, design, etc.

Nice to have:

  • TypeScript experience
  • CSS animations experience
  • Figma or other design tool technology
  • Familiarity with HubSpot flow, templates, and web integrations
  • Experience with Unix operating systems & command line familiarity, systems administration

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