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Here at Playco, we make games that bring the world closer together through play.

Our ideal teammates are thoughtful, humble, and passionate professionals who can both zoom into the details and zoom out to embrace the big picture. We are inspired by makers and tinkerers, who are unafraid to experiment with a healthy disregard for constraints. We hope you’ll enrich our team with your enthusiasm and passion, both for games and for life.

The artist role at Playco is pretty unique compared to other companies. We work on a wide variety of projects with varying styles and game mechanics. So you’ll be able to explore different genres and learn new techniques. An ideal candidate can take ownership over a game and do whatever it takes to create games that clearly stand out from the pack, while working closely with their fellow artists, product managers, and engineers to make sure they are aligned with the high standards we strive for. There’s a lot of opportunity to grow into a leadership role in this position, so having previous experience in this area is something we look for.

What you’ll be doing

Develop beautiful, fun game experiences, and associated marketing and promotional initiatives with creative design.

Conceptualize and design game environments, characters, and UI.

Create high quality 2D and isometric 2D vector art using Photoshop and/or Illustrator.

Support the Studio Art Lead in the overall vision for the game.


  • 2+ years industry experience in mobile, social, or free2play games.
  • Excellent teamwork skills.
  • Respond well to artistic direction but get the work done with minimal supervision.
  • Manage responsibilities across multiple projects.
  • Great concept art skills with an eye for composition and color.
  • Must have experience with Adobe Creative Suite, particularly Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Knowledge of Flash and/or 3D modeling software is a huge plus!

Desired Qualities & Attributes

  • Excellent teamwork skills. Responds well to feedback but gets the work done with minimal supervision.
  • Possess excellent communication skills; ability to be proactive and assertive in a diplomatic manner.
  • Ability to understand, internalize, and communicate high-level objectives to team members and reports.
  • Ability to iterate quickly and adhere to a production schedule.
  • Style versatility is a must-have. We work on a range of games whose style can vary from cute and casual to hardcore and realistic.
  • Motivated, driven, and excited about design and game art.

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Position: Senior Game Artist.

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