2021 Summer Engineering Internship

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1 Aug 2021


This job has now closed and is no longer accepting applications.

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Loom is on a mission to empower everyone at work to communicate more effectively, wherever they are. We are already trusted by over 7M users across 90k+ companies. Our customers are global and use Loom at work at world-class companies including HubSpot, Square, Uber, GrubHub, and LinkedIn.
Founded in 2015, Loom has raised $73 million from top-tier investors including Sequoia Capital, Kleiner Perkins, Coatue, the Slack Fund, and the founders of Instagram, Figma, and Front.

The Role:

Loom is excited to be offering engineering internships for Summer 2021 for candidates who are pursuing a Bachelor’s degree program in Computer Science or a related field with an anticipated graduation date on or after December 2020. Our first intern class will work closely with our engineering team to help build the next iteration of our creation and collaboration tools for Loom. As a company, we are looking to accelerate information flow between every member of the global workforce. Be it making Loom’s video creation tools faster or more delightful, working with our infrastructure team to make our services more performant and reliable, or surfacing the right content in a shared team library to the right audience, you will be working on well-scoped projects that help us learn how to expand the base of how Loom functions as a workplace communication tool.
By the end of your internship, we hope that you walk away confident and fulfilled. You will have delivered real value to our 7M+ strong users while collaborating with a world-class product, design, & engineering team. You will also have learned new skills and gained experience in a high-growth startup that will give you great perspective for your future career aspirations.
Note: We are unable to have interns internationally and only open to the US at this time.

Your Experience:

  • Over the course of 3 months, you will be paired with a Software Engineer at Loom and be given a fully scoped project to build a new feature for Loom. The goal is that this feature will be a full functioning engineering artifact by the time you complete your internship that may be launched to production.
  • You will be responsible for building a beautiful, snappy, and native-feeling UI experience in a key area of our product to assist video creation and collaboration or you will help enhance the tooling that our teams use to deliver great products to market.
  • You will build a feature end-to-end: through conception, exploration, iteration, maintenance, and polish, in partnership with your engineering host.
  • You will collaborate and be supported by Product, Design, and Infrastructure to build features in support of the feature development.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Experience coding in JavaScript.
  • Curiosity and willingness to learn.
  • Pursuing a technical degree in Computer Science or related field or training experience with a focus on subjects in software development.
  • Passion for productivity tools and supporting power users.
  • Great design intuition and user empathy.
  • Passion for UI fluidity and performance.

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    Position: 2021 Summer Engineering Internship.

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