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1 Aug 2021


This job has now closed and is no longer accepting applications.

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As the Senior Data Analyst your mission is to empower our internal sales, marketing, growth, product and customer experience teams with data, analysis, and insights to help support the company’s rapid growth.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provide Data Driven Answers & Reports: Your most measurable result is your ability to provide accurate & timely data & insights to internal GrowFlow stakeholders based on your expert knowledge and setup of the GrowFlow data infrastructure and tools.
  • Analyze Data & Provide Insights: You must know how to analyze complex business problems and issues using data from internal and external sources to provide insight to decision-makers. This includes the ability to Identify and interpret trends and patterns in datasets to locate influences,
  • Create & Maintain Dashboards/Reports: Ability to transform a business need or question into a useful, self-updating dashboard or report depending on the request or situation. Experience with Amplitude is a plus.
  • Learn, Govern & Grow GrowFlow Data Infrastructure: In order to deliver any of the above mentioned responsibilities, you will need to learn, catalog, document, govern and grow the GrowFlow data infrastructure. This ranges from our own internal databases and schema as well as coordinating the flow and governance of data between various SaaS tools.
  • Data Quality Assurance & Automation: You will be responsible for ensuring the quality and accuracy of all of the data that goes into generating reports, dashboards and answers to internal stakeholder requests. The ability to create data standards, enforce governance of data standards and automate QA of data is important to your role.
  • Cross-team Ideation & Collaboration: Internal teams and stakeholders are your primary customers in this role. You will be responsible for working with and understanding the issues that each GrowFlow department is facing and working with those teams to develop data-driven solutions for tracking, understanding and overcoming any obstacles they might encounter.

About You

  • Bachelor’s degree and 4+ years relevant computer sciences and/or data science and/or data & business analysis, preferably in B2B SaaS space with quantifiable project responsibilities and positive outcomes
  • Analytics: Track record of using data to drive strategy, execution, and optimization in a business environment
  • Organization: Passion for balancing organization needs against timelines and delivering insights of value to internal stakeholders
  • Self-Starting: Eagerness to roll up your sleeves to get things done (even the unglamorous things in a very fast-paced ‘start-up like’ environment)
  • Curiosity: Desire to know everything about our customer journey and GrowFlow’s data sets
  • Flexibility: Problem-solve in a fast-paced, self-driven environment
  • Demonstrated experience in working with cross-functional teams to drive insights derived from large data sets

Other Details

  • We are a fully remote company and this position will be remote.
  • We are looking for someone who is ready to join us full-time after a brief trial period (all our employees do this).
  • We offer health benefits, 401k, unlimited time off, charity matching, and other cool perks.
  • We are offering an annual starting salary in the range of $60,000 – $85,000.

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    Position: Senior Data Analyst.

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