Freelance Technical Writer

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1 Aug 2021


This job has now closed and is no longer accepting applications.

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Lilt makes it possible for every organization to communicate with their customers in the language of their choice affordably and at scale. The product combines human expertise and machine efficiency in a complete enterprise localization solution. Our mission is to make the world’s information accessible to everyone, regardless of where they were born or which language they speak.

We recruit the world’s best human translators and equip them with our neural machine translation system, allowing them to translate faster and better than ever. Our technology is based on NLP and HCI research from Stanford and UC Berkeley.

Lilt is backed by some of the world’s leading investors including Sequoia, Redpoint, Zetta, and XSeed Capital. Our customers include some of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world who rely on Lilt every day to provide more personal customer experiences in 50+ languages.

Our team is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Berlin, Dublin and Indianapolis.

What you’ll do

  • You will gather information, write, and review content for the Lilt Knowledgebase.
  • You will meet with the engineering and product teams regularly
  • You will ensure that the Lilt platform has well-written, up-to-date, and comprehensive descriptions before release
  • You will restructure the knowledgebase for optimal clarity


  • Excellent English writing skills
  • Prior experience writing software support documentation
  • Able to work independently
  • Ability to ask questions until you get clarity — content must be on-time and comprehensive before release
  • Based in the US or EU. East Coast (EST) is highly preferred

Payment Terms

  • This is a temporary contract opportunity
  • Payment is hourly depending on experience
  • Estimated workload is currently five to ten hours per week

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    Position: Freelance Technical Writer.

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