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3 Aug 2021


This job has now closed and is no longer accepting applications.

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Hipcamp unlocks access to private land, creating new places for people to get outside and go camping. We believe that spending time in nature is essential to a happy and healthy human life, and we are passionate about our mission to get more people outside. We are deeply proud of the impact Hipcamp creates by making nature more accessible, providing income to support the protection of private land, and creating community across the urban-rural divide.

These are our company values:

Embrace the adventure.

  • – We are resilient and adaptable to ever-changing terrain.
  • – We bring positivity and gratitude, especially when things are hard.
  • – We know when to ask our friends for help.
  • – We are creative and resourceful.

Move with purposeful urgency.

  • – We take action with the urgency that our mission deserves.
  • – We focus on learning faster so that we can invest in the most important things.
  • – We achieve more with less by creating systems at the right scale (sometimes with duct tape.)
  • – We are intentional about when we move fast and when we are more considered.

Build resilient communities.

  • – We optimize for the good of our community and our many interconnected ecosystems.
  • – We intentionally create an environment of trust and respect.
  • – We elevate and protect diversity as a strength.

Leave it better.

  • – We are passionate about our mission to get more people outside because we believe in biophilia and the power of love to inspire action.
  • – We believe that humanity at scale can have a positive impact on the earth.
  • – We know feedback drives growth and we constantly seek, give and receive it.

About the Role

Hipcamp is looking for a Head of People to join our growing team. The role will be distributed, which means that we are welcoming candidates from across the United States to apply.

As Head of People, you will be responsible for partnering closely with our founder and CEO, Alyssa, as well as leaders across the company, to attract, develop, and retain the best talent in the world. This role combines  building our team (recruiting) with the responsibility to own the full lifecycle of our teammates (Human Resources).

At the end of the day, our company is people—and in this role you have the opportunity to own the experience for those people that create the best outcome for our community, company and team. You will be responsible for multiple critical parts of a quickly growing company, and over time, build and lead a team to move these areas even farther forward.

Hipcamp has recently moved to a distributed work model, at least for the next year. Based on the past few months of performance, we believe it is possible for a distributed team to be more productive and more collaborative than a co-located one. While it’s up to everyone on the team to make this happen, you will play a very special role here in leading our efforts.

You will report to Alyssa, our CEO and Founder, and will work closely with company leaders to develop and implement best practices for how we can best grow and support the Hipcamp team. This includes:

  • – Own our recruiting efforts, including developing systems and actively recruiting candidates.
  • – Own our performance management systems, including performance reviews, compensation strategy, manager training, and more.
  • – Own our strategy for distributed work, including a geographically distributed talent strategy, collaboration, and culture building efforts.
  • – Own our inclusion & diversity efforts to build a team that reflects the diversity of the community we serve, making it possible to do the work of creating an outdoors community that is inclusive by design.
  • – Own people operations, including onboarding, compliance, payroll, and benefits.

About You

One of your defining professional aspects is your ability to operate and scale a team of 0 (just you) to 10 (fully staffed People team). You are excited to handle all aspects of this org — everything from designing a compensation strategy to sending out an offer letter and managing benefits selection — to eventually building out a full team to support you.

You are passionate about inclusion and diversity. You know that building a diverse team takes more effort, time and resources—and you know that it is worth it. We especially encourage you to apply if you identify as a historically marginalized group, as we believe this will be a superpower that will empower you to see past blindspots and build a team and community that can support the transformation our culture needs to make the outdoors a safe place for everyone to rest.

Here are some of the experiences and skills we expect you’ll need to be successful in this role:

  • – You have 10+ years of experience in HR/recruiting, 2+ as a manager
  • – You have designed systems to manage performance reviews
  • – You have developed compensation strategies
  • – You have led and managed recruiting systems
  • – You have led HR efforts
  • – You are passionate about company culture, performance, feedback and growth
  • – You have built and managed teams in HR/recruiting
  • – You are comfortable shifting gears from high level strategy to tactical work on a frequent basis.
  • – You love constantly testing and iterating your process to always be improving.

About our Work Environment

Health is essential to happiness. In addition to full health insurance, all team members receive a monthly wellness stipend and $1K in Hipcash because we believe getting outside is excellent preventative medicine in addition to increasing your creativity, lowering your stress and making you an overall more awesome human.

We focus on results, not hours. We believe that clearly defined goals combined with great people, empowerment, and autonomy create the best results. We feel confident that inclusive and diverse teams working on an important cause can accomplish extraordinary things.

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