Full Stack Software Engineer

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Full Time
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15 Aug 2021


This job has now closed and is no longer accepting applications.

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ReturnLogic is actively seeking experienced Software Engineers to help build and scale the ReturnLogic platform. A successful candidate will have a record of solving difficult problems, foster a culture of continuous learning, and enjoy digging deep into the domain when necessary. Youll work with Node.js, PostgreSQL, Angular, and several native AWS services.

We are pioneering technology solutions for the modern retailer. Customer returns is a growing pain point ecommerce retailers. Its a problem that has gone largely unsolved until now.

The challenge we face is developing a general technology solution that works for retailers that often have different workflows, policies, and needs. Fortunately, weve done our homework, and found product market fit. Weve found the rest of the puzzle pieces, and we’re assembling the team to put them together.

You will

  • Work with the product team to design and implement new features
  • Work with the product team to understand customer requirements and help define the roadmap
  • Help define and improve best practices as a team
  • Mentor and grow more junior software engineers
  • Work with customer success and support to troubleshoot customer issues
  • Participate in code reviews and technical design meetings

Were looking for

  • 4+ years of full stack development experience (database, backend, frontend) in a modern web framework
  • Excellent collaborators and communicators. An ability to communicate with both technical and non-technical audiences


  • Experience with Node.js, PostgreSQL, Angular, TypeScript
  • Domain knowledge in e-commerce (e.g., Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.)
  • Experience designing and building APIs including authentication with OAuth
  • Experience with AWS or other equivalent cloud provider
  • Familiarity with Git, CI/CD, and DevOps concepts
  • Experience leading a team of software engineers


  • Fast-growing and profitable start-up environment
  • The opportunity to make customer-facing impacts
  • A culture that values ideas, collaboration, and execution
  • 401K
  • Medical Benefits

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    Position: Full Stack Software Engineer.

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