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Stealthy AI: Employees Covertly Use AI Tools to Gain an Edge

25 Oct 2023
Despite some employers attempting to limit access to generative AI tools like ChatGPT, several employees have clandestinely continued to utilize them for their work. OpenAI’s release of ChatGPT in November 2022 saw companies racing to regulate its application in workplaces.

European Companies Battle Talent Crisis as Young Workers Exit

25 Oct 2023
Companies across Europe are grappling with a rising trend: young workers are exiting their jobs, posing significant challenges for employers to bridge the skills gap. A recent report highlights that for approximately 60% of hiring managers, the trend of younger employees leaving is a primary barrier to filling crucial roles.

European Childcare Costs: UK at the Forefront

25 Oct 2023
In the UK, families face a staggering childcare expense, amounting to 75% of their monthly wages, creating a significant barrier for women aiming to rejoin the workforce. Sarah Ronan’s experience, having to quit her job due to soaring childcare costs, isn’t an isolated incident.

Amazon UK Announces £170 Million Pay Increase for Frontline Staff

24 Oct 2023
Amazon UK has announced that it will allocate £170 million ($207 million) towards two pay raises for its frontline operations employees over the coming six months. This decision might draw the attention of the Bank of England, which is currently monitoring inflation pressures.

Spanish Workers Benefit from Four-Day Work Week, Study Finds

24 Oct 2023
A pilot programme in Valencia, Spain’s third-largest city, has found that a four-day work week can have numerous benefits for workers’ health, the environment, and even children. The city scheduled local holidays on four consecutive Mondays from April 10 to May 7, impacting 360,000 workers.

20% of UK Adults Feel Monitored at Work, Poll Reveals

19 Oct 2023
A recent poll indicates that one in five UK adults believe they have been under surveillance by their employers. This survey, commissioned by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), comes amidst claims by unions that workplace monitoring surged during the pandemic.

Unpaid Internships Under the Lens for Limiting Equal Opportunities

18 Oct 2023
Unpaid internships, which have long served as stepping stones to various careers, are now facing increasing scrutiny for their role in perpetuating income inequality and limiting career access to those without financial support. Internships provide invaluable learning experiences, professional network building, and opportunities for career exploration.

U.S. Job Market Shows Strength with 336,000 Added Positions in September

18 Oct 2023
WASHINGTON – A robust addition of 336,000 jobs in September by U.S. employers showcases a consistent economic strength, despite uncertainties and rising interest rates.

UK Employment Rates Remain Below Pre-Pandemic Levels, Study Indicates

17 Oct 2023
Recent analysis reveals that employment in the UK has not yet rebounded to pre-pandemic levels. Data up to May indicates that the employment rate is currently lower in nine of the 12 regions and nations compared to before the pandemic.

X, Previously Twitter, to Gather Biometric and Professional Data

17 Oct 2023
X, previously recognized as Twitter, has updated its privacy policy to include the collection of biometric data, such as facial photographs, from its users. Subscribers of X Premium will have the option to submit a selfie and photo ID for verification purposes.

New Employment and Equal Opportunities Website Debuts in Guernsey

17 Oct 2023
Guernsey has unveiled a fresh website dedicated to offering guidance on employment and discrimination concerns, as announced by the government. The newly introduced Employment and Equal Opportunities Service (EEOS) website will address a spectrum of topics, from unfair dismissals and job contracts to sex discrimination and minimum wage regulations.

Apple Plans UK AI Hiring Spree Amidst Tech Sector Layoffs

17 Oct 2023
Defying the prevailing trend of tech layoffs, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced plans to expand the company’s UK staff, focusing on artificial intelligence (AI). This announcement contrasts sharply with recent news, such as the 16% workforce reduction by Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite.

Proposed Temporary Suspension of Manx Work Permits May Offer Lower Registration Fees

17 Oct 2023
Enterprise Minister suggests that a new registration system, intended to temporarily replace the Manx work permits, might come with a reduced fee. Businesses looking to hire non-Manx employees might only have to pay £30, half of the current £60 permit fee.

LinkedIn Reduces Staff by 500 Amidst Slowing Hiring Trends

17 Oct 2023
In a move reflecting challenges in the hiring landscape, LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, has let go of over 500 of its employees this Monday. This decision, impacting 2.5% of its 20,000-member workforce, marks the company’s second significant staff reduction this year.

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