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About me

Motivated, organised, and self-driven digital marketing professional with 7+ years of experience in the B2B SaaS domain — garnered through delivering product marketing, client services, and account management solutions for customers across a variety of innovative tech verticals (Ad Tech, Mar Tech, Agile Project Management, ITSM, ITAM, HR tech)

My experience ranges from wearing many hats whilst building a team in a hyper-growth startup environment, forming effective go-to-market strategies for apps in the Atlassian ecosystem, through to growth consulting for B2B leaders.

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Agile Project ManagementCompetitor IntelligenceCopywritingCROCustomer DevelopmentData Analysis & VisualisationInbound MarketingProduct MarketingSales EnablementWeb Analytics


2004/2006 E-Media (BTEC ND) at SouthWest College

Higher education course covering 18 units of both practical and theoretical study of various e-Media components.

1999/2004 GCSEs at St. Michael's Grammar College

General Certificates in Secondary Education (Exam scores between A to B-)
Additional subjects — Business Studies, Geography, and Art.


Aug 2018/Present Digital Marketer & Strategist at Freelance

Working with B2B SaaS and professional services clientele across a variety of industry verticals (to date, e-learning, HR tech, Web RTC, and IT Staffing/Consultancy). In this role I provide marketing solutions for businesses to effectively identify, position, implement, measure, and improve their overall offer/customer fit.

Key Achievements

⁍ Revamped positioning that led to organic lead CR% boost by +64%
⁍ Delivered a comprehensive marketing strategy and segmentation plan for a leading European IT staffing & outsourcing business
⁍ Built, fine-tuned and automated processes to perform competitor research & analysis, and content development for new brands

Mar 2019/Nov 2019 Senior Product Marketer at Toggl Hire (FKA 'Hundred5')

TogglHire (FKA ‘Hundred5’) is an early stage start-up (pre-PMF) that provides start-ups with tools to screen and identify top job candidates

Key Achievements

⁍ Market segment analysis — Market sizing and analysis + conducting and documenting interviews with target segments
⁍ Customer segment analysis — defined winning criteria to optimise activation across different account segments ( turned actionable via custom dashboards in HubSpot )
⁍ Defined and validated core UVPs based on interview personas ( synthesised and validated via multi-variate search ads [Google] )
⁍ Built schema and produced content for automated user onboarding — included mapping out product milestones, correlating them with event (analytics) spec, and incorporating them into automated email and chat workflows (HubSpot)

Other duties

⁍ Hosting and documenting product demos
⁍ Messaging strategy + production for plan pricing changes
⁍ Producing sales enablement assets (decks, videos, emails, bots)
⁍ Copywriting for in-app (UI, notices, chat widgets), and website
⁍ Communication / education of product feature updates (GTM)
⁍ Defined SOPs for producing and maintaining contextual messaging across all customer lifecycle stages
⁍ Product knowledge base audit, migration, and maintenance

May 2017/June 2018 Product Marketing Manager at Spartez

Product Marketing for ITSM, ITAM, and agile-oriented apps distributed through the Atlassian ecosystem (Marketplace Vendor)

Key Achievements

⁍ GTM planning & execution of a power-ups’ release to the Trello platform (enabled on 25k+ Trello boards, drove 27% of traffic to ASL in Q4 2017)
⁍ Successfully implemented conversion (trial / purchase) attribution models (closing the loop on marketing ↔ sales reporting / KPIs)
⁍ Planned & executed 2 extensive customer discovery and development campaigns to reinvigorate the product roadmap and positioning
⁍ Secured and conducted the first onsite customer interview with Sony (Playstation) in San Francisco
⁍ Delivered the first co-marketing content assets published to Atlassian’s blog

Jan 2017/Mar 2017 Content Product Manager at Codewise (Voluum)

Overseeing the content marketing strategy, creation, delivery and measurement procedures for Voluum.

Key achievements

⁍ Successfully introduced the foundation of agile practices to the marketing team’s workflow
⁍ Established processes for content ideation, production, and release
⁍ Drove the adoption of interactive in-app guided tours to improve user education and retention
⁍ Co-ordinated the promotion of a bespoke CS:GO map during its release weekend (positioned in top ranking on Steam)

Jan 2016/Jan 2017 Director of Account Management at Codewise (Voluum)

As Director of Account Management team, I was responsible for the daily management of the AM team (7 members) and all channels involved in providing excellent solutions for Voluum’s customers.

Key Achievements

⁍ Revenue growth of 1923% | CAGR: 172.5% | 2013-6 Link
(The AM team covered inbound sales duties between Q4 2014 — Q3 2017)
⁍ Coordinated with our marketing team the creation and publication of a complete platform user guide for Voluum.
⁍ Refined transparency of crucial services to the client base through the definition and publication of a Statuspage.
⁍ Coordinated with frontend teams to set and refine a standard of in-app messaging to clients for the purpose of communicating product updates, promotions and any additional notices.

Feb 2015/Jan 2016 Client Relations Manager at Codewise (Voluum)

As CRM I was responsible for establishing best practices and procedures for client relations amongst team members and maintaining success for our key accounts.

Key Achievements

⁍ Successful expansion of team with continuous onboarding – Growth from 2 to 6 members.
⁍ Refined procedures for compliance issues with 3rd party sites – reducing liability.
⁍ Nurtured key accounts through onboarding to success with the provision of tailored documentation and guidance.
⁍ Mediated client collateral during a significant service outage through effective communication and reconciliation.

Aug 2014/Feb 2015 Account Manager at Codewise (Voluum)

Providing support and nurturing key accounts of marketing analytics platform, Voluum.

Key Achievements

⁍ Successful onboarding of new team members. +2
⁍ Participating as presenter in webinars to drive leads
⁍ Strengthening knowledge base for clients and internal members.

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