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Passionate and people-centered individual with 20 years of experience in business management, team building, and client services. Proven track record in business development with a high degree of autonomy, organizational skills, communication, and mentorship. Proficient in Asana, Gsuite, Microsoft Office, Excel, and Outlook.

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Management & Operations


Business BuildingCommunicationEnable Decision MakingFlexibilityHolding Others AccountableManage TasksMentorshipPeople DevelopmentStrong Organizational SkillsTeam Development


01/2019 - 01/2023 Bachelor's Degree in International Business Management at Columbia Southern University

International business management with a focus on managerial decision making, diversity, accounting, and international markets.
This degree builds on skills and behaviors currently demonstrated on a domestic level.

10/2021 - 03/2021 Certification at Google Project Management

Obtaining vocabulary and gaining access to programs for processes currently in use.


03/2020 - Present Owner, Artist at ResinPrism Studio

Maintain working project schedule. Ensure that clients receive communication when milestones have been reached. Deliver completed work by deadlines as to not impact other projects in the pipeline and maintain customer satisfaction.
Streamline procedure during the creative process. Run-off materials from larger pieces are used to create small items such as jewelry and coasters. This process improves sustainability, increases the output of overhead while still delivering ordered goods to clients.

02/2017 - 06/2019 General Manager at Pet Valu

Created and implemented monthly operational plans based on the company’s desired results. Assigned relevant tasks to the team and communicated achieved milestones to stakeholders. All outcomes were achieved by the desired deadline and on budget.
Audited financial paperwork to ensure financial risks were minimized. Examined and compared sales figures with internal and external orders, ensuring that transactions were categorized properly, and weighed payroll costs. Investigated any suspected financial losses and took corrective action based on the situation.

11/2015 - Present Owner, Stylist at Your Sister's Closet

Assess and analyze competitor offerings and pricing to maintain an understanding of market placement. Capitalize on high-demand items or trends to increase profitability. Utilize cost-plus pricing on high-value items.
Coordinate marketing efforts with partnered businesses. This concentrated effort is used to build excitement for new releases or sales. The sense of urgency to purchase through this effort increases sell-through on new items by 20% – 30%, based on the category.
Increased revenue by analyzing customer purchase patterns. Reduced slower selling products in favor of exclusive items. Revenue increased by 43%, allowing for larger reinvestment into the company.

06/2015 - 02/2017 Sales Manager at Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI)

Evaluated team performance based on the ability to hit milestones, KPI, and ability to collaborate. Rewarded team members based on each individual’s preferred motivational factors. This evolved into a sustained peer-based reward system.
Facilitated training of 65 new store employees by inviting the company’s leading trainers and outdoor experts to interact and share their knowledge. Communicated training schedule to all groups and provided necessary equipment and materials. Employee feedback was positive. Employees regularly displayed this new knowledge while interacting with customers.
Identified areas of potential loss in several areas of the store. Created new store layout to reduce product loss, department audits were reorganized to reduce loss through miscounts. The new store layout enabled the security system to clearly capture theft, making police reporting more effective. Mini audits gained thousands of dollars in miscounted products.

03/2013 - 06/2015 Multi-Unit Manager at Jones New York

Directed overhaul of operations in failing location to introduce streamlined operational changes, regular training, and development sessions, and implemented structured job roles to better support the business. These changes were the foundation of shifting this location’s rank from the bottom in the company to #2 within six months.
Developed independent teams through training and elevated expectations. Leadership was empowered to make smart business decisions. These elevated teams eased the strain of running multiple units and ensured that each location ran smoothly.
Collaborated with allocations, marketing, and visual departments to create store-specific sales events. These sales-drop events acted as a funnel for the company’s unprofitable product lines. One event moved 1,000 units of a single category that was previously not selling.
Guided 12 stores through a total company shutdown. Acted as a soundboard and advocate for managers as we navigated closures. Created workable plans for each location, with contingencies, to shutter on time and on budget.

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