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About me

I’m traditionally an English teacher and fluency coach turned entrepreneur.

In my experience as an entrepreneur, I have direct experience working under pressure, creating content that attracts ideal clients, and working in sales through a specific process.

The value to expect from me is two-fold: a) my marketing and sales experience b) an in-house top professional English fluency trainer for your non-native English speaking staff.

I understand the importance of systems thinking and more than anything, the value of taking imperfect action to accomplish the objectives at hand.

I’ve developed a community of engaged followers on Facebook and continue to nurture and engage with them.

When hiring me, you can expect a different person 6 months from now than you hire today because I am ever evolving with personal and professional development books and resources to continue to grow internally and externally.

I’m always open to mistakes, honest criticism, and growth.

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CoachingContent MarketingLeadershipSalesTeaching


2000-2004 B.S. Philosophy/Religious Studies at Lancaster University


2020-Present Founder/Head Trainer at The EAGLE Method
2017-2021 Business English Trainer at Garrigues Law Office

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