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Tower Experience

Senior Field Technician, Tower MRL March 2016-November 2021
• Visited every SBA/Monarch site in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota twice a year for the last six years
• Maintained positive working relationships between ground owners, RSM’s, and NOCC
• Performed 90-day light checks on behalf of SBA, Towerco, Insite with different lighting equipment (TWR lighting, RMS, Flash)
• Inspected towers for integrity, security, out-of-scope issues: adding new locks, fixing holes in fencing, locking pasture gates, grounding issues, safety climb issues, road and compound erosion, tree encroachment, signage, etc.
• Worked autonomously with limited supervision for 10-28 day runs across 15 states for many clients (ATC, Diamond, Insite, Vertical Bridge, Mobilitie, PDG, Grain Communications, ECO, Sinclair, SBA, Monarch, APC, ComEd, City Switch, and Towerco)
• Trained multiple new hires in the field
• Coached them to have positive interactions with ground owners and RSM’s
• Walked them through the detailed inspection and deliverables process
• Developed processes on how to work autonomously
• Saved ten towers in California by my direct contribution of maintaining wide fire breaks around tower perimeter and roadsides
• Implemented safe procedures by following OSHA compliance and safe PPE adherence
• Maintained site access by removing brush, leaves, and garbage on tower grounds (compound (s), road, and anchor paths)

Tower Technician, Vinco, Inc., Forest Lake, MN November 2014-June 2015
• Installed antennas (radio heads, amps) replacing old systems as necessary
• Routed, color-coded, and secured fiber/coax lines from shelter to antenna equipment
• Assisted in tower erection (monopole, SST), ice-bridge, shelter set-up, and tensioning • Performed troubleshooting for tower lighting systems
• Executed closeout documentation and photos for final inspection
• Tested Azimuth, fibers, and power to fit client parameters
• Certifications: OSHA 10, CPR AED, Blood Borne Pathogens, Competent Climber
• Lead daily safety tailgate talks concerning safety concerns

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2009-2012 BA at UWRF

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