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11+ years of delivering excellence in Client relations and customer service through Empathy, Strategic Communication, and Systematic Problem Solving.

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Client RelationsCustomer ServiceLeadershipOperations Management


Mar 2004 Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce at Bangalore University


April 2010/March 2021 Customer Service Manager at Protel Infoserve Private Limited

Meeting the monthly key performance indicators such as conversion, completion, and resolve.
Weekly and Monthly conference calls and calibration calls with the attorneys of various states of America, and stakeholders.
Ensure compliance of Process through periodic audits.
Identify inter-team knowledge leakages that impact on the client relationship and take corrective actions.
Conduct weekly & monthly performance reviews of teams.
Negotiating with the affiliate vendors which have an impact on the client outputs.
With the support of the quality team, carry out quality checks on all critical outputs to customers including vendor outputs.
Underwriting Contracts of new client enrollments to ensure compliance.
Facilitating onboarding of new clients, taking a successful handover from sales, and transitioning the clients to customer service.

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