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Online business owner seeking remote, preferably time-zone independent work, with dreams of living in Asia because of the medicine, culture, and beautiful, efficient accommodations. I see it as the ultimate first step into the digital nomad life, as I can fully focus on efficient self-improvement and business growth for you and me.

I understand marketing, sales, philosophy, recruiting, hiring/firing, and the importance of becoming the best version of myself. I would love to be paid $60,000-$100,000+ annually/contractually as I know my work ethic and education (Honors graduate from the #4 ranked public university in the US) matches this pay grade. I plan to funnel all money into my business, and I want to learn from those who have succeeded far beyond where I am currently. I’m open to everything!

I am empathetic, patient, tenacious, and confident. I am calm yet determined and genuinely want to help and see others succeed. I bring smiles to many and am an open book. I have succeeded in every path, from being a varsity wrestler, a top sales rep at multiple companies, an honors STEM graduate from a top-tier University, and maximizing every hustle in between (like being top-rated for Uber in my city), I make the best out of any situation :).

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08/2017 - 05/2020 Biology at University of Florida

Cum Laude


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