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I am an experienced HR professional who has navigated the in’s and out’s of the medical field for the past 12 years. I am looking to dive head first into a new field to continue my desire for personal and professional growth.

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CommunicationDetail-orientedOnboardingOrganizedProblem Solving


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May 2011-Jan 2018 HR /Office Manager at COMS

• Maintained accurate, well organized associate files.
• Managed education, training and continuous development activities for multiple locations.
• Provided coaching and development feedback to managers and employees.
• Recruited, interviewed and facilitated hiring of qualified job applicants for open positions.
• Conducted exit interviews with employees and utilized trend analysis to build action plans.
• Handled extremely sensitive and highly confidential matters for agency.
• Adapted to changing schedules and high-pressure situations.

July 2018- Jun 2019 Remote Billing Manager/ HR at MVOMS

• Stayed in line with End of Month processes and deadlines.
• Assisted with resolution of complex claims issues, denials, appeals and credits.
• Managed timely billing, recognition and collection of commissions from facility programs.
• Submitted insurance claims, follow-up with and resolve claims issues
• Office manager with curating job descriptions, managing employee expectation.
• Managing the development of each team member.
• Assisting in payroll practices, and time keeping

Jan 2022-Current Remote HR /Surgical Assistant at SOMFS

• Assisted with Background Checks, On boarding, 401k, and benefits
• Coordinated community outreach for marketing
• Established task managing applications to monitor communication needs of the team.
• Updated personnel files as needed.
• Traditional Surgical assistant duties.

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