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About me

I’m Jordi, a young, ambitious and hardworking individual with skills and experience in Business, management and Marketing

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CommunicationEvent ManagementLeadershipManagementMarketingTeamwork


2015-2019 Economics at Reeshof College
2019-2020 Royal Dutch Airforce at Militairy School
2021-Current Business Adminastration at Remote University

Full remote study on own pace.


2020-2021 Assistant Store Manager at Domino's Pizza

As assistant manager at Domino’s Pizza, it was my responsibility to relieve senior management of ‘in-store’ work.

My daily work spans running point on various activities such as:

– Management over a 15-20 person team of deliverers
– Paperwork and Finance
– Tracking sales
– Promotional activities
– Inventory Management

This experience was a huge contribution to my future with management and leadership responsibilities.

2021-Current Marketing Operations Manager at VISICS/Access Technology

As Marketing Operations Coordinator at VISICS I’m the “spider in the web” between the Marketing Manager, Business Development and other marketing divisions. My role encompasses coordinating executive marketing work, Innovating on the marketing tech side, and the flow of information diffusion between various branches of our organization gets optimalized.

My daily work spans running point on various activities such as:

– Coordinating executive marketing work,
– Marketing Technology,
– Running marketing campaigns,
– Maintaining multiple websites (6+),
– Managing our VISICS partner portal and academy.

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