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About me

As a professional I spent my career in Trade and Structured Finance, working for either financiers or commodity trading company.

I really enjoy being part of the Trade and Structured Finance industry.

I understand the business from different perspectives: from financial institutions side and from industry side. It gives me the attractive advantage of knowing what both sides require from a business relationship, and I am better able to empathise with the other party in negotiations.

I’am then able to fill the gap between the industry and financial institutions (Banks, Insurances, Alternative financings..) assisting companies with innovative solutions.

I possess a first-class knowledge of the ‘vanilla’ Trade & Structured Finance products (LCs/SBLCs, Bank Guarantees, Doc Collection, Prepayment, REPO, MRPA…)

I have experience in deal structuring using innovative solutions.

I am familiar with the monitoring of Structured Finance facilities against collateral positions including the impact of futures positions.

I understand the importance of forming and maintaining good relationships with all parties involved in processing transactions.

I have an entrepreneurial mindset and I possess a very strong attention to detail and my work is very accurate, even when dealing with very high volumes. I am able to prioritise numerous requests from numerous parties simultaneously.

The conducting wire of all my different experiences is the improvement and the desire to bring the highest quality service in order to give full satisfaction.

I also understand the importance for an organization to have an anti-fragile approach and then being flexible in order to face unpredicted situations in a challenging environment.

At Tilelli Consulting Ltd, I propose to assist you in this path as a partner on an outsourced (freelance) basis.

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BankingBusiness DevelopmentTrade Finance


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