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About me

I am a full stack web developer with over 8 years of experience. And also have rich working experience with a team by using Git.
I think my communication skill will fit your request, too. And have rich experience in working in your timezone.
This is my portfolio website and you can see me there.

My best skills are:
-html5, css3, scss, responsive design, jQuery,
-tailwindcss, MaterialUI
-Javascript, React, Redux(thunk, saga), React Native
-Angular, Svelte, Typescript, Vue,
-Next, Nuxt, Gatsby, Sapper
-Jest, Cypress, Storybook
-Nodejs, GraphQL/Apollo, MERN, MEAN,
-Python, Django,
-AWS, Lambda, S3, apiGateway, EC2, Cloudformation, RestAPI,
-Mongodb, DynamoDB, SQL

I am looking forward to hearing from you in the near future.
Best regards.

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2006/2010 bachelor's degree of math and information technology at Nankai university


2019-12-10/2022-08-31 Fullstack web developer at Bitwage at John lindsay

– Developed Bitwage admin app, client app and payment app with React for frontend and aws serverless (python and node) for backend
– Migrate the React project to Next for SEO and to reduce initial page loading time, use several hooks and custom hooks for functional component reusable code, to avoid repetitive use utils service, integrate scss and Styled components for reusable components. Use static site building and SSR.

Skills: React, redux, next, styled-components, chakra-ui, scss, useContext, apiGateway, graphQL, Apollo, node, AWS, lambda, S3, dynamoDB

2017-03/2018-09 Frontend web developer at CuddlyNest at Mark Florisson

– Developed the company real estate project for eastern Asian hotels as a full stack web developer
– Solve big data connection by developing pipeline to integrate different collections
– Developed pixel perfect, responsive and well designed frontend with safe action, reusable components, non-repetitive functions for high cwv, cls score.
– Reduce page loading time by using lazy-loading, handle complex states by combining redux and context api.

Skills: react, redux, Angular, AngularJS, mongoDB, node, express, mongoose

2018-10/2019-11 Frontend web developer at Soffos at Stephan Kairinos

– Worked as a frontend web developer, developed the frontend for soffos training app for company employees and integrated the machine learning backend to the frontend
– use redux saga to handle frontend states, rxjs for real time search, google api for voice recognition and blob testing.

Skills: React, Redux, Rxjs, ContextAPI, azure, webSocket, Webhook, stripe, twilio

2011/2015 Frontend web developer at Dalian shipbuilding industry at Xiao Ping

– Worked as a frontend web developer for the part of the company web site for over 5 year.
– Provided high quality and responsiveness with clean, reusable and scalable code
– Maintain the part of the company website and improve the website building speed and add items for communication app.

(use skills: html, css, jQuery, javascript, php)

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