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About me

I’m 37 young woman I’ve been looking for a day to entry job for a long time and I just feel like it would be perfect for me at home because of my situation but I’m very determined I learned very quickly and I take a lot of pride in what I do I just need that one somebody to give me the chance to show them because this is going to be my forever job that I’m looking for now


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06-22/08-22 Data entry at Hackney

Will explain in person or on the phone while I was only there for 2 months and go from there

04-2019 9-2019 Warehouse assistant at Poppleman plastic

I started in a week there within 3 weeks I’d already been moved up to the Warehouse assistant which means I was doing all the paperwork I was staging all the trucks I was making sure the numbers were right on the truck so I was making sure the correct items was in the spaces they were supposed to be

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