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About me

I am a detail oriented individual who enjoys working I bring a positive attitude with me and I work well under pressure also I am very good at time management and coming up with solutions for trouble I am a very fast learner and I strive to make my goals once I set them

Professional area


FindLawMicrosoft DynamicsMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft Word


March of 14 / March of 17 Paralegal degree at Blackstone career institute

I graduated with distinction from My class

96/00 Average high School education at Bensalem high School

I did average


October of 2017 Own at Legal solutions made EZ.

After graduation I figured out a new business to get into a business that has not yet been invented but is much needed and Will change things in the legal workforce forever and improve the whole way that people are neglected by the legal system and the politics of it

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