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About me

This is Mark Gui spent most of my career doing full stack development with focus on Middleware, UI frontend and then cross platform software development on Windows and Linux platforms. And the last 3 years I have spent mostly being like a Web3 & Blockchain engineer working on smart contract and integrating Defi services and then being a contributor and community member.

Professional area

Developer & Engineer




2009/04 ~ 2013/06 Bachelor of Computer Science at Shenyang University of Technology

Majored computer science and programming


2021/04 ~ current Blockchain and Web3 Developer at Self-Employed Freelancer

– Joystream : Involved as React & Web3 frontend developer on their DAO project; became a community member and started to fix the issues on the React/Redux based Pioneer frontend, Joystream GraphQL node for testnet, hydra indexer for Polkadot network
– Ideamarket : Involved as React & Web3 frontend developer on their Marketplace website. worked on NextJS based marketplace frontend and integrated Web3 for Defi Providers; Uniswap, AAVE
– created 2 NFT associated websites; Socialitific NFT, Simple Metaplex based marketplace website based on Solana network

2018/06 ~ 2021/04 Full Stack Software Engineer at ZBJ network

– Advoz : involved as Backend developer on v2.0 platform. integrated Facebook, Instgram marketplace apis in Firebase cloud functions; serve for Mobile & Website frontend pages.
– : involved as Full Stack developer on their website; used Django template and implemented the logic apps
– created over 10 websites for individidual clients;Gas condensate system, Blackmagic Camera control panel, Unreal Engine based VR system control panel, and etc

2013/06 ~ 2017/11 Senior Software Developer at HangCheng Technology.CO

After graduated from University, started my career in HangCheng Technology, focusing System-level software development. Here I involved in their Software security engineering team and have spent several years working on various projects associated with Security software development; such as Windows ransomware detection system, Linux security gateway, Personal firewall embedded device and etc

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