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South Africa
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About me

It’s hard to describe exactly how I define myself as a writer because I am pretty non-traditional in both my daily and professional life. The best thing I’ve come up with recently is that I am, at the end of the day, a brand strategist. I have a strong sense of defining a brand’s ethos and building its mythos to craft a story that anyone can read.

My background in political economics taught me a really important skill in figuring out how pieces of complicated puzzles fit together. I see branding and copywriting as a similar challenge; it’s all about taking the reader on an engaging, easy-to-understand journey and their attention long enough for them to get ‘the point’ of it all.

Throughout my copywriting career, I have found that I thrive in dynamic environments that force me to adapt. I love being put in unfamiliar situations and being forced to figure them out. Again, solving that puzzle keeps me engaged and pulls out the best work I can muster.

I’m looking for work that is challenging, engaging and consistent. If you need a writer who thinks outside the norm, you’ve found him.


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09/2014–05/2018 BA at University of Puget Sound


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