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About me

I started my professional career in the year 2020, I’m working in an emerging firm in the back-end office industry as a Floor Lead. I obtained a Bachelor of Commerce, from the University of Bangalore India. I believe that working as a team is a must to improve productivity and bring better results. I’m a keen learner, self-confident, and hardworking, and love taking on new challenges. In my free time, I enjoy traveling and exploring new places. I love gardening, reading books, and playing games such as cricket, football, etc.
β€œIn my daily life, I start my day with exercise and a hot cup of tea, which makes me proactive.”


Customer and Client SupportMicrosoft OfficeUS MortgageVendor Management


June 2019 - may 2022 Bachelor Of Commerce at City College

I’m a graduate, I obtained a Bachelor of Commerce, from the University of Bangalore India.


November 2020 Process Associate at Exalter Propitious Business Solutions PVT LTD

I joined exalter in 2020, as a process Associate. I learned different processes. I was working on a scheduling process in the year 2020 -2021, then I was promoted to a trainer for the scheduling process, and I got an opportunity to explore my ideas and skills. Recently I have been promoted as a Floor Lead, Now I’m working directly with clients from USA, France, UK, etc

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