Social Communicator and Journalist

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About me

I am a creative person that love write and create content to inspire. I am fan for literature, sports and philosophy. All foods are better with shrimps.

Professional area




2015/2020 3,93/5.0 at Unab

Double titulation how social communicator and journalist.


01-2020/07-2020 Communication professional at Cámara de Comercio e Industria Colombo Chilena

I was responsable for external communications and organization of events.

09-2020/12-2020 Journalist and screen play writer at TRO Chanel

I did part of tow T.V series how investigator and writer. I was the principal writer by one T.V serie about LGTBIQ community, this one was nominales to India Catalina prices in Colombia, it is the most important event about T.V and cinema industrial in Colombia.

02-2021/07-2021 Digital journalist at TRO Chanel

I was a digital journalist in regional T.V chanel in Santander Colombia. I created contet for web site and social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

08-2021/09-2022 Communications professional at Unisangil

I was communicator in university foundation. I was responsable about internal communications and external one too, copywriting for social media, create content for web site, community manager and marketing strategy. In this time I created manuals for internal communications, communication crisis, and digital sinergies.

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