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About me

I am a growth-oriented marketing leader with more than a decade of experience in providing marketing for new markets, revenue generation and design services to the world’s largest organizations across various business models (B2C, B2B & B2B2C). I have an established record (12+ years) of success in developing and implementing complex, technical products and services. Throughout my career in agency leadership, I have consistently demonstrated the ability to create, manage, and delegate revenue-driving concepts that were executed with excellence.




2009/2012 BA of Graphic Design at Art Institute


2022/2023 VP of Marketing at Dedoco

-Led full product go-to-market preparation and launch of Dedoco in the US market
-Positioned Dedoco as a SaaS platform that enabled other SaaS products to integrate our Trust Engine through our API
-Established key partnerships to expand launch team through agency partners and international team members
-Analyzed and forecasted types of products that would be well-received in the US market, shared insights with Dedoco’s product roadmap and experience teams
-Introduced NFTs/NFDs into the enterprise market to verify authenticity and interaction of clients’ crucial documents

2019/2022 Director of Marketing, Product & Partnerships at Jumpsuit

Agency Product/Service Marketing
-Developed and implemented novel agency marketing services that propelled Jumpsuit’s growth from a handful of clients in 2019 to generating over 10x annual recurring revenue by August 2022
-Worked alongside CEO to develop new ways to engage HR and other personnel solutions with our agency services + developed extensive branding and culture initiatives to attract collaborators and clients

Client Consulting + Marketing Team Building
-Provided marketing and business strategy to clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 organizations
-Managed large marketing team
-Consulted with SaaS, API, software, community, sporting goods, and consumer packaged goods companies on go-to-market plans and brand positioning, frequently serving as an interim Director/VP of Marketing for agile teams
-Assisted organizations like P&G with brand building, digital strategy, and content planning

Business Development
-Established creative partnerships to scale agency services and revenue with fellow agency partners, platforms and influential relationships
-I was an active member of the business development sales team providing expert perspective during the sales process.
-I was instrumental in building our marketing pipeline (10x revenue in ~2 years)

2017/2021 Digital Marketing Strategy Director at Dfuzr

Offered growth and demand generation marketing strategies to top organizations with focus on:
Go-to-market plans
Gaming product development
Developer relations
Product marketing
Digital marketing
API economy
Product experience design

Served organizations such as:
Amazon (Alexa)
Microsoft (Microsoft Learn revamp)
Twitter (TwitterData creative demand marketing),
Twitch (product prototyping and demand generation for dev.twitch.tv website & Extension platform promotion)
Libra/Diem (Facebook cryptocurrency marketing analysis)
First Data/Fiserv (product growth marketing for four products)
F5 (DevOps tooling product)

2017/2017 Marketing Executive at Madwire

-Coordinated large team of marketers and content producers to provide comprehensive growth marketing services powered by Madwire’s SaaS marketing solution and platform
-Services primarily geared towards small and medium-sized eCommerce businesses seeking to expand their digital marketing efforts
-Utilized skills in SaaS sales and account management

2011/2017 Digital Marketing Manager at eSiteful

I executed demand generation campaigns and developed growth marketing strategies for:
eCommerce companies
large corporations in the oil and gas industries
clean energy sector

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