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Outgoing, process-driven, and proficient at building and maintaining professional and positive customer relationships with over 10 years of experience in Shared Services

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April 2021 HCM Senior Functional Consultant at Infor PSSC Inc

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HCM Senior Business ConsultantHCM Senior Business Consultant
Infor · Full-timeInfor · Full-time
Apr 2021 – Present · 1 yr 10 mosApr 2021 – Present · 1 yr 10 mos
• Has strong working knowledge of the Infor ERP Suite’s technical infrastructure, development environments, third party products used to support the Infor applications.
• Responsible for analyzing and interpreting client requirements, drafting functional descriptions and/or programming specifications as required.
• Analyze customers’ business requirements objectives; develop business processes to meet customers’ business needs. Model to-be business processes in the Infor application. Document and communicate the planned use of the Infor application.
• Apply Infor Deployment Methodology and assist customers in using available tools to deploy the Infor solution efficiently.
• Developing sound business practices and procedures for the project.
• Directing team members as needed to ensure successful project implementation.
• Providing project-related insight and advice to other team members.
• Liaising with management and stakeholders on project details and deadlines.
• Presenting feedback and suggestions relating to the implementation of assigned projects.
• Identifying, reporting, and resolving key project issues.
• Ensuring that all project and implementation related documents are up to date.
• Maintain and update skills on the most recent releases of Infor products and applications, specifically around the Infor ERP Suite, and third-party tools to continue to provide a high level of service to Infor customers.
· Maintaining regular contact with the Infor Project Manager or engagement owner and the client’s technology project team. Coordinating communication within the Infor Consulting Services team to include identification of client expectations, critical business issues, and any pertinent information discovered during the turnover process with the sales team.

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