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About me

I am Haniyah Zahra and looking for a job to give an idea and knowledge that i got from my university. Interested in those related to administration, communication and strategy then like to working in teamwork.




2018-2022 Engliah Education at Universitas Islam Riau

During my education, I’m not only learned about to be a teacher but also learned about how to communicate, write, and listen. Then i was also learned about how to be journalis and made some of the news and learned how to be a presenter. Then learned how to be translator, then how to work as officer and more


2022-2023 Administration at Kindergarten

I was worked in kindergarten in my area and worked there as an administration who inputting student’s data, inputting data, made a report of school financial then running social media. I also assigned as an admin in for Pelatihan Diklat Dasar for participant who want to learn more for their job. It is been 3 months with full communicated with participant, remind participant about their assignments and provided services as participants needed

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