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About me

I have over 20 years of experience in solution architecture, full stack development, and team leadership. I specialize in using DevOps technologies and Agile practices to drive cloud native, microservice applications to completion and affect change through technology and team enablement.

* Software Development: My software development background is highly proficient as a full stack software engineer, utilizing technologies such as Java, .NET, and SQL while having the capability to add languages and frameworks as needed
* Cloud: To date, I have delivered 5 successful cloud computing projects (2 AWS, 1 GCP, and 2 OpenShift)
* Solution Architecture: I have aligned architectures and teams for all platform types, optimized for both business value and developer productivity
* System Design: Experienced in designing robust, scalable and secure systems with a focus on distributed systems and computing architecture
* DevOps: I have targeted cycle times and automation across all facets, from Infrastructure As Code to testing, deployment, and observability
* Agile: I have led numerous Agile teams to success across multiple industries, creating an environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and communication

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Developer & Engineer




1998 BA, History at Metropolitan State University


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