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In my last role as a Growth Marketing manager, I was responsible for leading the development and execution of product strategy, conducting market research and analysis, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to bring innovative products to market. I have 4 years of experience in the iT field, starting as a support professional and growing my skills through sales and marketing positions.

My key achievements include launching a new product that exceeded revenue targets in its first year, improving team efficiency by implementing streamlined processes and leading a cross-functional team to deliver a highly-rated Shopify application.
I consistently met my KPIs, including product revenue and customer satisfaction, by using data-driven decision-making and advocating for customer needs throughout the product development process.

I am now eager for new challenges and to bring my skills and experience to a new organization as a product manager.

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Digital MarketingEnglish languageFrench languageProduct ManagementRICE score


2017/2018 Management du Tourisme et de lโ€™Hoฬ‚tellerie at EFMH


2019/2023 Growth Manager at

Increased the number of French customers in the app by 30%
Collaborated with sales and marketing teams to develop go-to-market strategies
Installed new way to promote upsell inside our app, conversion gets 5% higher.
Mentored and developed junior team members to enhance their skills and capabilities
Conducted user research to gather feedback and insights on product functionality and usability

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