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A highly motivated individual with a strong desire to provide impact to people. She has been well equipped with communication, problem-solving, analytical, and creativity skills throughout her experiences as a Digital Marketer at HashMicro and organizational activities at AIESEC in Bandung as an External Affairs Team Leader. As a person who is eager to learn new things, Clarissa is also equipped with knowledge in campaign management, copywriting, and other marketing strategies through Growth Marketing Intern at Tokopedia.

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AdaptabilityAdvertisingCampaign ManagementCreativityDetail-orientedDigital MarketingMarket Research


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03/2022 - 12/2022 Growth Marketing at Tokopedia

– Analyzed, developed, and optimized the lifecycle, retention, and penetration marketing strategies of the merchant.
– Assisted in campaign management for all Tokopedia Business Units by utilizing a variety of internal marketing channels such as push notification, notification center, email, and in-app to ensure that all campaigns are well coordinated and efficiently executed.
– Actively tracked and evaluated campaign performance using a variety of analytics, marketing, and growth strategies.
– Produced reports and/or other documentation required to provide actionable findings on the channel(s) and campaign(s) tactics employed.
– Worked with the team to create cutting-edge and profitable digital channel optimization strategies.

09/2021 - 02/2022 Digital Marketing at HashMicro

– Utilized daily dashboard to track and monitor cost per acquisition (CPA), quality score, and lead volume across performance channels.
– Selected to handle Managing Partner Project by researching, arranging, and leading meetings with 81 new prospects from national and international companies for benchmarking and successfully collaborated with 3 companies.
– Analyzed market competitors, online user behavior, funnel conversion data, customer journey, and developed insights into actionable items that align with business objectives.
– Managed end-to-end (planning, analyzing, executing, and reporting) from tracking set up on all paid digital marketing (Display & SEM) and continually develop insights to improve the quality of leads.

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