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About me

In short:

— Developed media planning and budgeting from 5 million rubles / month;
— Increased offline traffic (shopping centers, gas stations, active recreation and amusement parks);
— Attracting new clients in the banking sector through social networks;

— I cooperate with the first representatives of advertising platforms (Vkontakte, MyTarget, Aitarget-Facebook);
—  I am a certified specialist in advertising platforms (MyTarget, VK);

• Skyeng (online school of English) – traffic manager:

— Launched lead generation and conversion campaigns (FB, IG, WeChat, Weibo);
— Analyzed and evaluated the return on the advertising budget;
— Participated in design and optimization tasks;
— Developed technical specifications for advertising content and landing pages;
— Prepared defended post campaign reports.

• The Ockam (menswear brand) — internet marketer:

— Researched the influencer marketing market and integrated the results into work;
— Engaged in media planning and budgeting;
— Optimized the online store and landing pages;
— I found thematic sites and natively introduced the audience to the brand (T-City, theVillage …);
— Launched targeted advertising on VK and FB / IG;
— Participated in the creation and implementation of the brand’s marketing strategy.

• Vse Horosho (restaurant chain in St. Petersburg) – traffic manager:

— Launched advertising campaigns on FB / IG + VK;
— Analyzed ROI and optimized campaigns;
— Prepared regular reports with optimization options;
— Participated in the development of a marketing strategy in social networks.

• BigFunny / TikiViki (entertaining interactive museums) – targeting:

— Launched targeted advertising FB / IG + VK;
— Conducted testing of creatives and landing pages;
— Set tasks for the design and creation of landing pages;
— Adjusted pixels and stood up to remarketing strategies;
— Optimized target indicators (CPL, ROI, CPA …);
— Analyzed the effectiveness of advertising campaigns using Google Analytics, Yandex Metrics;
— Prepared regular reports with optimization options.

Professional area

MarketingSEOWriting & Content Creation


advertisingmanagementmarketingpaid socialpower BI


10.10.2010 — 25.08.2014 Media Marketing Manager at Moscow Technical College


March 2017 — December 2018 Internrt Marketer at Construction bureau

Developed and implemented integrated Internet marketing solutions for projects included in the company’s business portfolio: shopping and entertainment centers, a football club and active recreation parks.

Shopping centers:

— «Europolis»;
— «London Mall»;
— «City Mall»;
— «Golden Babylon-Rostokino», Moscow;

— «Football club «Tosno»;
— «Angry Birds Activity Park™»;
— Extreme amusement park «Gorilla Park».

Main responsibilities:

— Launched targeted advertising on social networks: Instagram & Facebook, VKontakte, MyTarget;
— Launched branded advertising campaigns: Yandex Display, Google Ads – YouTube;
— Engaged in media planning and budgeting,

— I was looking for non-standard advertising channels: advertising in the subway via Wifi;
— Prepared analytical reports on the results of advertising campaigns;
— Worked with bloggers, developed native integrations for advertising and special projects.

Personal achievements during work in the company:

— Increased engagement in content by 2.5 times;
— Conducted advertising campaigns with partners and tenants of shopping centers (integration with, Befree, Sport master, Formula Kino, Coffeeshop Company™);
— Increased traffic to shopping centers due to reach campaigns and the influence of social networks (based on the results of a survey of visitors and the analytical system Focus BI and Focus People Counting)

May 2018 — January 2019 Social Paid Manager at Online Commercial Bank

— Developed advertising and marketing strategies for product promotion in social networks;
— Compiled Mindmap-maps, segmented and analyzed the target audience;
— Engaged in media planning and budgeting;
— Commented with the outsourcing design team, prepared technical specifications and ordered advertising creatives.
— Launched advertising campaigns on social networks (Facebook & Instagram / MyTarget / VK);
— Controlled key business indicators, scaled effective campaigns;
— Automated ad campaigns using advanced tools (Plarin / Facebook Rules / Aitarget);
— Analytics and preparation of monthly reports (Adobe Catalyst / Google Analytics).

• Social media official bank’s accounts in social networks:

— Searched and tested new traffic channels;
— Distributed T-J content and increased engagement, audience growth and KPIs;
— Worked with native media publishers (Relap, EngageYa);
— Developed and posted native content in relevant groups and the VK market platform);
— Implemented a plan to increase the activation of bank products via social networks.

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