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About me

I have 1.5 years of experience (officially) as a Software Engineer.

I’m comfortable communicating with people working in different departments.
I have worked with CTO, CEO and product managers directly.
I used to talk to the manager, QA team, engineers, and product folks to discuss development road maps, followup on testing, and creating releases.

I have worked on mobile games built on Cocos2d framework using JavaScript and C++. I have worked on building new features as well as finding the root cause of crashes and ANRs in the games from Android vitals reported to Google play console and fixing them.

Working on web technology is what excites me. I really love building servers that scale.

I’m working on building slack bots. This is my side-project. In the process, I worked on building it from scratch and realized the importance of following a good architecture in setting up Redis, integrating 3rd part APIs, and designing a scale-able database schema.

I can configure Linux servers, setup NGINX, and if things are new to me, I will look into their docs or stackoverflow and get it done.

I have mastered Git and Linux commands (way more to go).
Creating linear git history and meaningful commits are always on my mind.
I obsess about implementing coding standards and following them strictly.

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March 2019 Software Developer at HashCube

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