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I am a passionate, detailed, goal-driven agent that goes above and beyond for customers and clients. I am always looking for opportunities to grow within the company and take on a new role that will not only challenge me but will also allow me to help more people. Currently I am studying in college for general studies with an emphasis on business leadership. In previous projects and roles, I took on team-lead tasks such as assisting coworkers, assigning tasks, troubleshooting tech issues and even taking supervisor calls. I perform well under pressure and can adapt to any obstacle I face. What matters to me most is providing quality service while helping people in need.

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Customer Support


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2021 - current Associates in general studies at Lake michigan college

Focussed on a degree in buisness leadership and management


December 2021-current Remote customer support at Sitel/Yardi

● Customer Service- Showing compassion and understanding to distraught homeowners.
● Product Knowledge- Staying up to date with rules and regulations for the program.
● Quick Thinker- Offering homeowner’s alternative options, ideas, and avenues to explore when faced with hardship.
● Internal System Knowledge- Technical knowledge for systems used such as Interaction Desktop and Microsoft Teams
● Performance- Consistently meets and exceeds metric goals, this includes absenteeism, ACW, and QA scores.

June 2021 - December 2021 Payroll specialist support at Sitel/ quickbooks payroll

● Product Knowledge- Collected and submitted payroll deductions, benefits, garnishments, and other payroll-related requests.
● Customer Service- Set phone appointments with customers.
● Subject Matter Expert- Help the current team with questions throughout the day.
● Supervisor Access -Took supervisor-related calls when needed and assigning tasks.

April 2021-June 2021 Customer service rep at Sitel/TurboTax

● Customer Service- Assisted customers with tax preparation by reviewing, editing, and correcting tax forms.
● Efficient- Strengthened my communication skills by handling 200+ inbound calls per day.

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