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About me

I am a Marketing graduate with 6 years of work experience in a Bank. I worked as Insurance Clerk which my job includes selling and processing of insurances to clients, then I worked as a Bank Teller in which I perform posting of cash and credit transactions and then I was promoted as a Cashier where my job includes supervision of funds and all cash and credit related transactions and also taking care of bank documents.




08.2022/05.2025 Restaurant and Catering Services-Cook at Vamia

Training for food preparation and Restaurant works.

06.2012/03.2016 Business Administration major in Marketing at Holy Child Central Colleges

Major in Marketing Management


11.2022/03.2023 Personal Assistant at Österbottens Välfärdsområde

My task includes assitance in daily activities

12.2020-07-2022 Cashier at Cooperative Bank of Cotabato

My task includes supervision of funds and checking that all cash and credit transaction is transparent and balance.

01.2019-12-2020 Teller at Cooperative Bank of Cotabato

Task includes posting of all cash and credit transactions. Providing assitance to clients and answering inquiries related to the accounts.

05.2016-01.2018 Insurance Clerk at Cooperative Bank of Cotabato

Main task is promotion and selling of insurance packages to clients. Insuring accurate filing of documents and processing of Insurance claims.

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