Quality Assurance Supervisor/Specialist

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$15 / hour
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Part Time,

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About me

I am Jeanalice Decena, or Jean from the Philippines. An independent woman who desires to achieve success in various facades towards self-actualization through hard work and perseverance and with adept technical and communication skills. Formerly employed recently as a Quality Assurance Team Lead at Dynata, a market research company. During my tenure, I was able to help the company and I have grown a lot in different areas. First, as an entry-level market researcher conducting interviews and surveys to fulfill client’s requests for data gathering. Also, at the same time, a political campaign caller. Next, as a QA supervisor and eventually becoming a QA Team Lead, helping the team and the company to maintain the standards when it comes to data research. Ensuring all market research interviewers maintain good quality calls for our customer and clients. But before all those corporate jobs, I have also worked as an Online English Language Teacher for a short period of time, dealing with kids, teenagers up to managers and CEOs, who are learning to master the English Language. Now, I’m learning to value my technical skills in order to obtain a position that will enable me to work in a flexible and remote environment.

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Admin & Virtual AssistantCustomer SupportMarketingTeacher & Coach




2016-2020 Bachelor of Science in Psychology at University of Mindanao


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