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Master in Cybersecurity, with extensive experience in coordination, on-site and remote support, leading IT areas with a focus on analysis and design of solutions in terms of security and optimization of technological infrastructures for public and private sector clients. With great ability to generate agile and practical solutions that respond to real business needs, applying innovation, continuous improvement, and customer focus.

Professional area

Management & Operations


Active DirectoryGrafanaIBM InformixLinuxNessusOpenVASpfSenseSQLVMwareWindows OS


06/2021 - 07/2022 Graduate 100% at CEUPE - European Graduate and Business Center
06/2004 - 10/2009 Graduate 100% at San Martín University Foundation


02/2022 – Currently IT Support Engineer at CooWeb Colombia S.A.S

● Ensure the operation of critical services, providing support and provisioning of resources to the infrastructure in a
timely manner.
● Manage incidents and user requirements ensuring communication with Development, Quality, and Testing areas
complying with established KPIs.
● Perform vulnerability testing on products under development, ensuring industry standards security and risk control.
● Implement strategies for the management of technological infrastructure, security, and inventory of IT resources.
● I achieved a favorable NPS with the resolution of Tickets with positive feedback of 75% against a KPI of 85%.
● I kept the incident indicator below 30% during the last quarter of 2022, thanks to the adjustment and prioritization of
the monitoring rules.
● Supported the acquisition of 3 new customers through the implementation of Open Source solutions (Zentyal,

03/2019 – 01/2022 I.T. Advisor at District Liquidation Directorate

● Lead the execution of IT projects by integrating senior management.
● Deploy, expose, secure, and monitor services that allow the adoption of teleworking through a VPN tunnel.
● Implement the Information Security System, define context, risk analysis, policies, implementation of controls, and
staff training on Cybersecurity.
● Restructure internal processes towards continuous improvement, through the use and training in IT tools, promoting
organization, collaboration, and availability of information through Google.
● Manage and Secure IT infrastructure (Service Desktops, Workstations, Local Networks, Esxi VMWare Services,
Linux, Microsoft Windows Server, Edge Firewall, Backup, Active Directory, SQL Server, Informix DB, MySql,
WordPress, HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Zabbix).

● I renovated the entity’s web portal, implemented new virtual services, and complied with the IT Government guidelines, obtaining close to 90% of the attention through visits to the portal, through the use of tools such as online.
● Transformed the wiring center into a functional solution with a minimum investment through the use of virtualization with VMware, ensuring the Entity’s critical services, order, and aesthetics.

02/2014 – 06/2017 I.T. AdvisorI (Cod.105 / Grade 5) at District Liquidation Directorate

● Advise senior management on the implementation of new technologies, equipment acquisition, and integration of services, software, and hardware solutions.
● Modernize the Entity’s web portal, in accordance with the guidelines of the On-Line Government to bring users closer through online procedures.
● Manage and supervise all contracting with suppliers and IT service providers.
● Coordinate the implementation of the On-Line Government guidelines.

● I supported the quality team to achieve certification for 2 consecutive years of the ISO-9001 Quality Management System, acting as an operational data link between senior management and missionary processes.
● Improved the response rate by 60% with respect to regular customer service, innovating through the incorporation of new technologies in business processes, developing a Customer Service System, management of judicial titles, and collection of delinquent accounts receivable, allowing for agility and a 30% increase in collections.

IT Project Manager IT Project Manager at Setup Engineering S.A.S

● Lead IT Support applying the ITIL methodology as a reference framework in user service and IT management.
● Develop customized technology projects with agile solutions for public and private sector clients, based on an initial
diagnosis of IT infrastructure.
● To supply the ideal computer equipment and software for the technological updating processes of the clients.
● Design commercial IT services with added value to attract new customers and retain current ones, taking into account the remote and face-to-face modality.

● Resolved 60% of N3 and N4 support tickets on incidents reported by customers to the IT operations group at the end of 2014.
● Designed a strategy for new Hosting and Enterprise Domain services, which resulted in the recruitment of 15 new clients.
● Delivered 24 pieces of training and 16 campaigns on Cybersecurity for small and medium-sized companies.

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