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Joseph Langenbrunner is a highly experienced blockchain veteran with a strong passion for promoting the adoption and integration of blockchain technology into mainstream financial systems. He has been actively involved in the Bitcoin ATM industry for many years, where he has served as an executive and a leading advocate for blockchain technology. Langenbrunner’s expertise extends beyond blockchain and into the realm of citizenship and residency, where he offers a range of services to help individuals achieve self-sovereignty. He is a staunch advocate for the idea of self-sovereignty and has worked tirelessly to promote it among his clients. Additionally, Langenbrunner serves as a diplomat for the Liberland government for many years, handling diplomatic relations with other countries. Joseph’s expertise and positioning have made him a frequent podcast interview guest, driving blockchain adoption and self-sovereignty.

Professional area


AI - Artificial intelligenceBlockchainBusiness DevelopmentClient ManagementContent MarketingInternational communicationSales Operations


2010-2014 Electronic Media & Sales at University of Cincinnati


April 2017 - Present Chief Business Development Officer at American Crypto

• Orchestrating American Crypto’s comprehensive digital media presence and marketing strategy, encompassing dynamic podcasts and engaging articles.
• Pioneering strategic identification and development of 250+ profitable Bitcoin ATM locations, based on astute market insights and opportunities, while fostering amicable relationships with location owners to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.
• Dedicating expertise to interview, train, and manage new employees at American Crypto, fostering a culture of growth and excellence.
• Ensuring seamless logistical coordination and management for the installation and maintenance of Bitcoin ATMs at all locations.

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