Experienced Sales Executive with a Decade of Expertise in B2B and B2C

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As an Account Executive, my primary responsibility is to manage and maintain relationships with key clients to increase revenue and ensure customer satisfaction. With a professional background in sales, marketing, and account management, I have become an accomplished Account Executive with a track record of achieving sales goals and developing successful sales strategies. Throughout my career, I have utilized my skills to negotiate contracts, identify new business opportunities, and build strong relationships with customers.

I am particularly proud of two accomplishments in my career. Firstly, I have consistently exceeded sales targets over multiple quarters, demonstrating my ability to deliver results and exceed expectations. Secondly, I successfully negotiated a high-value contract with a key client, showcasing my skills in strategic thinking and effective negotiation.

In addition to these achievements, I have also developed a new sales strategy that resulted in significant revenue growth. This further demonstrates my ability to innovate and drive success for my clients and my company.

Overall, I am passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and building strong relationships with clients. I am excited to continue developing my skills and contributing to the growth and success of my company as an Account Executive.

Professional area


AdaptabilityCommunication skillsCustomer ServiceDetail-orientedInside SalesNegotiatingProblem SolvingRelationship BuildingStrategic ThinkingTime Management


2018 Business Management at Brigham Young University -Idaho



2021 Account Executive at Allset

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