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I’ve worked for valor global a 3rd party service as a customer service representative we worked with Hulu, Disney plus and espn and we assisted viewers over chat/ calls using 2 monitors, headset, tower etc provided. This was done remotely I assisted viewers with their questions and concerns with the streaming services. Performed ip and address overrides, email login resets, refunds, walkthrough steps with viewers, I used ad ons such as Salesforce and Flanders to make cases and ki articles attached stating the problem and steps taken to get resolution. Learned how to set up VPN, verbiage on proper way to speak to viewers and more.


Amazon Web Services (AWS)BillingChat and Email SupportCiscoCold CallsCompassionateComputer SkillsConflict ResolutionCritical ThinkingCustomer CareCustomer SupportData EntryEmpathyEnglish languageFlexibilityMicrosoftMulti-taskingPhone EtiquettePhone SupportProblem ResolutionQuality AssuranceResearch and AnalysisSales RepSalesforceSlackStrategyTeam PlayerTime ManagementTroubleshootingZoom


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