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Trinidad and Tobago
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$15 / hour
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Part Time,
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About me

I Develop successful digital strategies, and create content and manage digital ads to help businesses cultivate communities surrounding their goals. I am an all rounder with over five years experience and continuous certifications in Graphic Design and Digital Marketing. I also hold a Masters in SME Management and I am fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English. These exciting highlights are the epitome of bringing a unique perspective which will only enhance your social media’s strategy and propel your social media accounts to the top of the competition. Ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction and proving an integral part of achieving great results.

Professional area


English languageGraphic DesignSocial Media ManagementSocial Media StrategySpanish language


2019 to 2021 Specialization in Graphic Design at University of California Arts
2016 - 2018 Masters in Medium and Small Enterprise Manament at Arthur Lok Jack School of Business


2018- 2022 Client Manager at Fresh Media

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