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ManpowerGroup is committed to helping our employees achieve their career goals while enjoying a strong total rewards package and award-winning culture. We’re looking for high potential talent ready to start strong and deliver on the expectations below:
• Create profitable growth by hitting your performance targets and putting more people to work
• Build loyalty and deliver top-notch service leading to strong client and candidate satisfaction ratings

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The latest @ManpowerGroup #EmploymentOutlookSurvey asked more of employers. You’ll find statistics on their hiring expectations for Q2 2023 by region and by industry, plus insights on their struggles with finding skilled talent here: https://bit.ly/3lfgfgc

#HiringTrends #Hiring

Women’s History Month is a great time to prioritize mental fitness. In our What Workers Want report, 60% of women say they want a company that helps them manage mental fitness and 34% want more time off to deal with burnout. https://bit.ly/3JN7Da8


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Happy St. Patrick's Day! 🍀 Don't rely on luck to connect you to your next employment opportunity. See what ManpowerGroup is hiring for today! Click here: https://bit.ly/3WpEOUM

#ManpowerGroup #StPatricksDay #Luck #Opportunity #Hiring

If you’re among the growing number of younger workers taking a 2nd job to make ends meet, you’re not alone. In this Forbes article, Rebecca Croucher of ManpowerGroup talks about this trend & gives advice on maintaining your work-life balance. Read now. https://bit.ly/3LpLsrZ

According to the #ManpowerGroup Employee Outlook Survey, most #tech #talent is able to find #jobs quickly following #layoffs, since there’s still high #demand, but demand is softening. Read the reasons behind softening demand in this #Forbes article. https://bit.ly/3RsSnRY

In the ongoing #TalentShortage, you may be having an especially hard time finding in-demand talent. ManpowerGroup Search leverages the latest #technology with over 70 years of #recruiting experience to bring you the right #Talent. Find out more: https://bit.ly/3yGwl5D

Did you answer our poll question on Friday? https://bit.ly/3SFs23F

Here are the top 4 ways you can make women feel appreciated in the workplace.

1) Encourage upskilling
2) Recognize skill & potential
3) Mentoring & career pathing
4) Equal training opportunities


Despite an increased reliance on technology, people are needed more than ever. Why? @ManpowerGroup's @drtcp says machines are unable to show respect, appreciation, or care for others.

Explore #ManpowerGroup's 2023 #trends report, the #NewHumanAge, at: https://bit.ly/3k9Pedf

The new ManpowerGroup #EmploymentOutlookSurvey for Q2 2023 is here! Find out which industries, regions, and company sizes have the brightest prospects going into the new year. Read the report here: https://bit.ly/3lfgfgc

#HiringTrends #TalentShortage #MEOS #Hiring

Bernadette, associate MES engineer, is all about delivering excellence with a smile. Her work is fast, efficient & delivered with precision. This & more is why she's now Manpower Engineering MyPath Consultant of the Month—Keep rockin' it, Bernadette!

#ManpowerEngineering #MyPath

What #hiringtrends can we anticipate in the second quarter of 2023?

Find out tomorrow when we launch the Q2 ManpowerGroup #EmploymentOutlookSurvey.

#MEOS #hiring

In the growing #skills shortage, upskilling your employees is an all-around win-win. We're sharing our expert guidance for employers on why and how to start your own upskilling program. Read Invest in Your Talent, Reap the Rewards. https://bit.ly/3xrrxQW

#Manpower #TalentPulse

How can employers make women feel appreciated in the workplace?

Our top 4 strategies will be revealed tomorrow. Meanwhile, we'd like to know your thoughts.

Write in your answer below. 👇

#WomensHistoryMonth #WoManpowerGroup #EmbraceEquity #Herstory

On International Women’s Day or any day, one of the best ways to support women at work is to build bridges through #mentoring, #friendship, and #careerdevelopment. What #advice would you give to women to help them break the #glassceiling? https://bit.ly/3ZyhRRb


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Where is ManpowerGroup headquarters?

ManpowerGroup headquarters is located at Wisconsin, US.

When was ManpowerGroup founded?

ManpowerGroup was founded in 1948.

How many employees does ManpowerGroup have?

ManpowerGroup has 50+ employees.

What is ManpowerGroup's core business?

ManpowerGroup is Human Resources company.

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